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  1. Please see this post Click Here Please ask questions if you have them!! I hope this is going to be great for us all.
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  1. Joab
    Firewood season is too short.
  2. David Ford
    David Ford
    Hi I need some help to identify some new old stock Oregon Guide bars I have the Oregon part Number is 188SSDA195
  3. adventurebob
  4. mikerudder
    mikerudder nmurph
    I am looking for some 044 parts, wondering if you have anything kicking around since I see you are selling 044s and 440s.

    Let me know!
  5. Will the Sawobbyist
    Will the Sawobbyist weimedog
    Definitely a fan of your Youtube channel, very informative. I recently recived four 028 Stihls. Have you had any experience with those? If so any build suggestions? I've built a ms260, ms360 & in the middle of a 50 rancher... Any insight would be great. I'm also a programmer / laser operator. Maybe I can assist with tool builds.
  6. Sagetown
    Sagetown acsr477
    Welcome acsr: Lots of folks from up Wisconsin way.
    1. acsr477 likes this.
    2. acsr477
      Thanks for the welcome!
      Mar 25, 2017 at 6:25 AM
  7. Sagetown
    Sagetown scheffa
    Happy Birthday scheffa.
  8. Sagetown
    Sagetown Homelite410
    Happy Birthday to ya between Hedgerow and HEAVYFUEL.
  9. Sagetown
    Sagetown cbfarmall
    Morning cb: Happy Birthday to ya.
  10. Sagetown
    Sagetown bwalker
    Happy Birthday bwalker.
  11. Sagetown
    Sagetown brads447
    Hello Brad: Happy Birthday to ya.
  12. Sagetown
    Sagetown aaronmt
    Good Morning Aaron: Have a Happy Birthday today.
  13. David Nelson
    David Nelson
    How do I know where to post questions?
  14. millpro
    Porting on my old husqvarna 257 today
  15. chainmaster
    chainmaster chuckkayak
    Hi there do you still have the P61 cylinder
  16. Sagetown
    Sagetown jtinil
    Happy Birthday to ya J.
  17. Sagetown
    Sagetown forex82
    Glad U R still counting the years. Happy Birthday .
  18. Sagetown
    Sagetown fordheaded
    Ford; Happy Birthday to ya.
  19. Sagetown
    Sagetown bobdag
    Happy Birthday bob.
  20. Sagetown
    Sagetown bluehaze
    Happy Birthday blue: Alright; Daddy's LiL Chainsaw girl.