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  1. Sagetown
    Sagetown DanS
    Happy Birthday to ya DanS.
  2. Sagetown
    Sagetown Korn
    Hello Korn: Happy Birthday to ya .
  3. duke1
  4. Chashowlett
  5. Farley9n
    80 but then who counts? I guess I do on this one though! THANKS !!!
  6. Peter Noesgaard Larsen
    Peter Noesgaard Larsen
    MS 261 C-M (2017 version)
  7. Sagetown
    Sagetown Farley9n
    Glad to see you're still kickin' Farley. Happy Birthday to you.
  8. Creekhouse
    Creekhouse ray benson
    Need the IPL and service manual for a Stihl 015L. I'm pretty sure you sent them to me and I thought I saved them, but cannot find them for the life of me. I would really appreciate it if you could send them to me. Email is katz8960@gmail.com. Thanks so much for your help.
    1. ray benson
      ray benson
      Check your inbox
      Jun 15, 2017
  9. madmarksolomon
    madmarksolomon Andy.Jim
    Looking for a HO oiler for an 066 or ms 660 either the whole unit or parts to make one.
  10. madmarksolomon
    madmarksolomon jmssaws
    I'm looking for an HO oiler or parts to make one if you've got one let me know. For an 066 or 660.
  11. Sagetown
    Sagetown CutMyTreeDown.com
    Don't CutMyTreeDown: But hope you have a Happy Birthday.
  12. Sagetown
    Sagetown milkman
    milkman have a Happy Birthday.
    1. milkman likes this.
  13. Sagetown
    Sagetown Mitch614
    Happy Birthday to you Mitch.
  14. Sagetown
    Sagetown cliffob
    Hello cliff: Happy Birthday to ya.
  15. Sagetown
    Sagetown superduty5.4guy
    Happy Birthday superduty5.4guy.
  16. HiOctane
    HiOctane Tommc56
    Hey Tom,
    Never worked on 621,cant tell about the oil line.Cant believe you have to split the case to connect the hose.They have the same oil system as 451 had,what a weird thing.Most of the time,if oil pump is not working ,the o rings are bad. Got IPL if you need it ,just give your email.
    1. Tommc56
      Thanks , email is tmcmanus@nmu.edu
      Jun 13, 2017
    2. Tommc56
      Thanks for the parts list , although it doesn't show , it appears I will need to split the case unless I can use a bore scope to reconnect the hose to the crankshaft part of the case :(
      Jun 14, 2017
  17. P Holmander
    P Holmander midwestlogger
    Hi: Do you still own the Case W-14 Loader? If yes, please get back to me. Thanks
  18. Timber4Aussies
    Timber4Aussies JDNicol
    Can you refer me to a seller of .404 sprockets for my Stihl 051 AV and 090 AV? Thanks, Steve 914 763-3078
  19. Sagetown
    Sagetown Big fell
    Howdy Big fell. Enjoy your day. Happy Birthday.
  20. Sagetown
    Sagetown calereeves
    Happy Birthday, calereeves. Have a nice day.