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New Profile Posts

  1. Sagetown
    I'm what GI's call ' A Short TImer '
  2. Sagetown
    Sagetown Comicus
    Happy Birthday Comicus: Are you still on location, or did the storm force you out ?
  3. Sagetown
    Sagetown Gatsby174
    Happy Birthday to US Gatsby. Hope you have a good one.
  4. Pooley
    Pooley tree monkey
    Do you still sell the AV upgrade for an ms280
  5. nature recycled
    nature recycled
    Looking forward to all of the info you people will help provide!
  6. edr981
    edr981 hseII
    Where in GA are you located?
  7. Blue Oaks
    Blue Oaks
    Thanks Sagetown! It's actually tomorrow, but I don't put correct birth dates into websites...
  8. Slim243
    Slim243 GeorgiaVol
    He buddy im interested in the brake handle
  9. Sagetown
    Sagetown Blue Oaks
    Happy Birthday to ya Blue Oaks out there where the Wild Fires are raging.
  10. Sagetown
    Sagetown GCJenks204
    Howdy GC. Happy Birthday to ya. Drop in on us at the 'Good Morning check in' anytime. We'd be glad to have ya .
  11. Sagetown
    Sagetown henrylich
    Happy Birthday Henry. Hope all's well in Kentucky.
  12. Odd1or2even
    Odd1or2even T. Mainus
    I saw your post about a Powersplit wood splitter for sale in central PA. Do you by chance still have the guy/gals number? I went to see one in operation and was VERY impressed but I can't afford a new one at about 26,000. Thank you for your time and your input on the forums. Or do you know of any others for sale? I'm located outside of Philadelphia and willing to travel to inspect/pickup. Thanks

    Steve - 610-500-1123
  13. Brian Van
  14. Chainmale
    Stihl MS310 MS170 Zenoah GS380AV
  15. fire wood cutter
    fire wood cutter
    I need to find a clutch for a McChulloch. Mac 10 10 automatic made between the years 1971 & 1975 . Any ideas ?
  16. Hunt4lumber
    Hunt4lumber AaronH
    You happen to have the 066 red eye anymore?sent you a pm yesterday and am very interested in buying saw.thanks, Matt
    1. AaronH
      No it sold I'm sorry
      Sep 15, 2017 at 12:15 PM
  17. Matt93eg!
    Matt93eg! spike60
    Hello, Brad sent me your way. What would your prices on a 372XP, 576XP, and 390XP? New. Look forward to hearing from you.

  18. Rocky Field Farmer
    Rocky Field Farmer LAH
    I saw and old thread with a picture of a corn/hay elevator that you where using to pile wood. I have found one that I think is the same. Do you know who made your elevator? Thanks Rocky Field Farmer aka Dale Harris
  19. Macfinder
    Fixin' Macs 7-10A, Mac 10-10, SP81
  20. TheGreatWhiteMoose
    TheGreatWhiteMoose Rx7man
    Hey, rumor had it you may have some CD2100 parts? I need a pull start with housing and flywheel. Thank you for your time.
    1. Rx7man
      I may have something.. I should have a 285 flywheel which I ought to be the same (I'll check)... pull start.. I may have the housing, but not sure about usable innnards
      Sep 19, 2017 at 8:53 PM