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Definitive Dave
Last Activity:
Jun 26, 2017 at 3:56 AM
Jul 27, 2013
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Knowledge Adjacent
half-assed retired saw freak

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Definitive Dave

ArboristSite.com Sponsor, Male, from Knowledge Adjacent

check my profile for current saws, projects and for sale saws Aug 31, 2016

Definitive Dave was last seen:
Jun 26, 2017 at 3:56 AM
    1. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      check my profile for current saws, projects and for sale saws
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    2. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      Check my sig for saws for sale
    3. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      Rodney is my sugar daddy
    4. Definitive Dave
    5. Definitive Dave
      Definitive Dave
      blissfully ignorant
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  • About

    Knowledge Adjacent
    half-assed retired saw freak
    How did you find ArboristSite.com:
    Home Country:
    United States
    Saws in da house
    031AV minty 1 owner survivor - for sale $250.00
    MS201T by Brad Snelling
    MS362 by Brad Snelling
    044 with 3/4 wrap by Scarr Engineering
    late 064/MS660 hybrid by JMSSaws "Peanut"
    064 by Mastermind "Snackie 64"
    Husqvarna 372 ugly - for sale $325.00
    Stihl MS200T x5 for sale $350-$475.00
    Minty Stihl MS440 by T-Bone for sale $450.00
    Stock MS261
    Stock MS441
    Mofo MS260
    Mofo 044 10mm
    MS440/044 new recipe by Mastermind
    MS460/046D by Miller Mod Saws and CCC
    MS441C by Huskihl
    early 066/MS660 hybrid by EC Saws
    084 Arctic by Mastermind
    late 064/MS660/288 hybrid by JMSSaws "Ugly Betty"
    066 red light by JMSSaws
    Rupley/Squarefile super modified 064 pipe saw
    EC Saws/Squarefile Hush 372
    076 Super Custom by Lee Witten and Commitee "Brutus"
    064 Built New Old Stock by Mastermind
    288XP Lite NOS
    044 Arctic new in box "The Precious"
    MS440/046D hybrid by Two Idiots Logging and Zoo City Saws
    076 Super #2 hightop full custom by Lee Witten "Rita"
    Pioneer 620 being restored by JMSSaws
    MS660 by Tree Monkey
    S-10 rear handle custom dealer presentation by Tramp 295
    064 stocker x2 by T-Bone
    MS241 by Mastermind
    MS200T Lone Wolf rebuild by Mastermind
    MS661 by Redfin
    Mastermind MS660
    stock mint MS880
    MS460 - for sale
    044C stock- rare auto choke model - waiting on restoration
    090G - waiting on full custom
    066 red light all original - waiting on restoration
    early low hour 044 10mm - waiting on restoration
    076 custom super - waiting on custom build
    Copsey 288
    Copsey/Reilly/Nolder 346XP Lizzie Borden
    minty Wright 5020A for restoration
    Strunk Speed Demon custom restoration
    Distton DO-1001 full custom bomber treatment
    Copsey/Reilly Solo 681 copycat killer
    Copsey MS461 racesaw
    Rupley Husqvarna 65 alky race saw
    Rupley Husqvarna 394/395 race saw
    Dolmar KMS4 Wankel
    pair of Stihl 084 for future unlimited race saw
    Dolmar 112 black and white - for sale
    McCulloch 1-43 - for sale
    McCuuloch 1-50 - for sale
    Stihl USG - for sale
    Homelite 925XL Super full wrap for custom paint
    Husqvarna 350 - for sale


    OEM and aftermarket parts for Stihl and Husqvarna, performance parts and chainsaw specialty tools

    March 25th Wellington, Ohio, April 23rd Greenwich, New York, April 29th Chardon, Ohio
    May 6th Norwich, Connecticut , May 27th, FHC, PA

    Upcoming GTGs
    October 13, 14th Jamestown, Tennessee (hotel booked)
    March 30th, 31st, 2018 Springfield, MO (hotel booked)