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    Hello, im new here,
    I did not see a introdution thread so i'll start here if that's ok, im currently working on two stuck U4G, model # 917.60026 and 917.60027, both has been sitting outside for god know how long.
    The 58G Direct Drive after 5 to 7 years sitting, cleaned out and breaking back in, recoil spring broke so i rope stated it david bradley chainsaw - YouTube

    freed up chain, tuned the carb a little but the gas mix is heavy, recoil was fixed and put back on after the vid. david bradley chainsaw - YouTube

    The 58G Gear Drive, had not been run in 10 to 12 years, piston was stuck but carb and fuel line was good, this is 2 hr.'s into breaking back in, 1/2 inch pitch chain has a broken link so looking for another, also heavy on the oil david bradley gear drive chainsaw - YouTube

    Both saws are fed SAE 30 non-detergent oil mixed with 89 octane gas and tuned in but the real test is when i buck up some firewood, still waiting for the U4Gs to free up, here's some picturs of them :

    I may not be rich but at least i have my toys, thank's for looking,

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