Saw models not in your market?

Discussion in 'Chainsaw' started by GeeVee, Mar 8, 2008.

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    Reading below triggered a question or two I have.

    Why is a saw from another market (Country) attractive to you? I see memebrs from other countries wanting to purchase US saws, and vice versa.

    With the WWW, isn't this a global econmy now?

    Certainly, I understand EPA rules here, but I wish I could have a South American intended Toyota Truck....

    For the saws, are these CARB Tier 2 workarounds?

    Just curious.
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    I'll kick off here. For me living in England it simple....price. A Stihl 660 would be the equivalent of over 1,500 USD if bought in the UK. What are they in the US? less that a 1,000 I'll bet.

    Saws in Europe have the CE standard while US saws have the UL label. This could raise issues with insurance etc. Husky say they are moving to a new worldwide ISA certification which should get round this anyway.

    There are some regional variations too. Husky's 385XP is not available in the just buy a 390. Stihl offer the 341 in the UK, but why buy it when there's a 361?
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    Nyn?shamn, Sweden

    Because the model (372) is no longer available where I live. It vanished from the market here some 14 months ago, and opposite to the US market it has not returned even once since. Dealers I talked to said they definitely could not get it. I did hear a rumor about a dealer very far from me that said he could get it, but he was going to import it from abroad somewhere anyway, so I might as well do the work myself.

    And of course price is a big deal, it's in the neighborhood of 65% of the last known recommended out-the-door-price here, including shipping, duty and all taxes.

    Also, I do care a lot more about f.e. dog sh1t than I do about CE...

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