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Too hot to wear panties

Discussion in 'Joke and Funny Picture Forum' started by stihl sawing, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. stihl sawing

    stihl sawing MAD DOG

    Feb 16, 2008
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    Across the bridge.
    One very hot afternoon a woman decides she'll walk downtown and go shopping. Since it's so hot, she decides not to wear any panties, just a loose skirt.

    On the way home, she decides to stop for a drink at an unfamiliar bar. She walks in and sits down with a stool between here and the only other patron in the place, a guy.

    To try to cool off, she swings around and puts her feet up on the stool between her and the guy. He looks down and can see all the way up her dress, including the fun zone.

    He tries to be cool about, but finally he can't take it anymore, and he says, "Honey, I'd like to pack that thing with ice cream and eat it!"

    She gets pissed and jumps up and leaves the bar. On arriving home she finds her husband, tells him the story, and demands that he goes down and kick the guys ass.

    However, her husband refuses.

    She asks for one good reason why he won't, and he gives her three:

    1. She should never have left the house without any panties.

    2. She should never have gone into a strange bar by herself.

    3. He ain't fighting with no man that can eat that much ice cream.

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