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worms & foam on my oak tree! Help!!

Discussion in 'Homeowner Helper Forum' started by Tami, Jul 19, 2001.

  1. Tami

    Tami New Member

    Jul 15, 2001
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    Dallas, TX
    i put a message below about my Shumard Red Oak Dying....I will put a copy of my previous question after my new question.

    Today, I noticed that there are little white bugs going into holes in the tree trunk, and out of the trunk is coming some foamy looking stuff, and what looks like sap (it feels like it too). Could this be what is causing my tree to die? Is there any hope to save it? Does the fact that sap is coming out of it mean that it's not totally dead? What are these worms, and what do I do?!! Please help!

    Previous question:
    I purchased a Shumard Red Oak and planted it in Dallas, TX in around March of this year. It is about 20 feet tall and about 4 inches in diameter. When we bought and planted it, it had no leaves, but then when it was supposed to, the leaves started growing. They never got full size, but we thought it was stunted due to the transplant. We recently left for a two week vacation, and when we got back, all the leaves were brown, and the tree appears to be dead. I thought we were watering it enough (we have a sprinkler system), and anyway, I thought that the red oak didn't like too much water. Is there any hope of saving my tree? What do i do? I love this tree (it is so beautiful) and
    desperately want to try to save it! Please help!
  2. Jay Banks

    Jay Banks ArboristSite Operative

    May 23, 2001
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    What you are discribing does not sound good. First, it sounds like a borer entering the tree and a resulting fungal or bacterial weeping (foaming).

    Have you contacted some one to look at this?

    Jay Banks
    ISA Certified Arborist
    Urban Forester
  3. John Paul Sanborn

    John Paul Sanborn Above average climber

    Apr 25, 2001
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    South Eastern WI
    Contact the vendor from whom you purchased the tree (4in you did not do by yo li'le o'l sef).

    Most have a 1 year warrenty on stock that they installed.

    A rule of thumb is that a root ball shoud be one foot for every inch of caliper. Is the one on your tree smaller? if so it would be more suseptible to transplant shock. Thus being more inviting to opertunistic pests, such as borers

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