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Updated Jul 1, 2018
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  3. anymanusa
    Well, I've been using my km130, and the vibration was pretty significant due to the 1pt vibration system. This machine has a 4pt vibration system, so it's listed at 1.9m/s^2 vibration instead of 9m/s^2. Basically it's rated to be used all day with safety. I have a chart that I found on the internet, from osha I think. I bought this for cutting a slew of virginia pine, although we do have a ton of blueberries, and I will end up cutting a bunch of them soon too.
  4. anymanusa
    Poison oak? Is it okay to cut poison oak or are you in danger of getting the bits on you? I had a really bad case of poison oak about 2 mo ago when I liberated a 300yo old in the neighborhood. It lasted for 3 weeks. I looked terrible.
  5. bfrazier
    Thanks for the in-depth reply. I did not know vibrations were measured, now I'll look into it. I think you just sold me on one of those!
    Poison Oak: I was on a fire that had lots of poison oak burning and we sent a crewman to the hospital with it in his eyes and lungs. I get a little case once a year and then never again. Bees? A different story for me. Here's to hoping no more poison oak for you.

  6. bfrazier
    Ok, I did not realize those are about $1200.00, not sure I can justify it on my 10 acres, but sure bet it gets the work done.
  7. anymanusa
    Lol. My wife didn't think our 128 acres justified it either. I went out and bought it anyway, and she later conceded that she was being difficult.


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