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Unknown husky saw

Updated Feb 26, 2017
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  1. Denton
    I think there was one just like that on eBay a little while ago CS2100 I believe is what the old dogz modl
  2. Robofrank
    Sure looks like an old 2100. Great saw. I have had several of them and it was the largest saw that Husky made until they came out with the 3120 in the late 80s.
  3. dynodave
    Likely a 298XP, early version with the easy to break 2 dog drive with plastic starter cover. Note no manual supplemental oiler plunger on LH side. Manual oiler would indicate full size 2100/2101
  4. birddogsrule
  5. dynodave
    480 had single piece cylinder cover, 3 screw starter cover with hex decal recess.
    298xp above has correct separate carb cover, 298 4 screw starter cover and square 298 decal recess.
    Though it is possible all that was changed at some point, but why would you ever change to the inferior 298 starter(and flywheeel)?


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