ProMac 10-10

Orphan dropped on my doorstep...starts easy, runs good, LOUD<br />
54cc 16&quot;bar  3/8-.050-...
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ProMac 10-10 10-10Automatic Titan 560 (5-94/5-96 Italian) 7-10A 20" GB bar 7-10Automatic FR2.1(mac3516) 15 Drive Side Timber Bear DS 15 - 1962 Timing Side Mini Mac 6 clutch/sprocket area Timber Bear TS Mini Mac group
Orphan dropped on my doorstep...starts easy, runs good, LOUD
54cc 16"bar 3/8-.050- 60dl PHO 15lb-11.5oz gawd is it heavy,
(which is the reason quoted to me for it being given to me)
compared to the [email protected] 12lb5.5oz or [email protected] 12lb15.5oz.......
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  2. CrappySawMech
    That's a great looking 10-10, I have one that was my dad's when I was a kid! Wish people would drop those on my front doorstep!!
  3. James Parler
    James Parler
    After working it hard for the last two weeks I treated my ProMac 10-10 to a good cleaning and a new chain. It's not as pretty as yours but is a great runner. I have a newer, lighter saw but it's not as dependable as this Mac.

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