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Baaa Baaa :baaa:
Baba Baba :baba:
Crazy Crazy :crazy:
Envy Envy :envy:
Fuck you Fuck you :fuckyou:
No funny No funny :nofunny:
Number one Number one :numberone:
OMG OMG :omg:
Picture Picture :picture:
Rare Rare :rare2:
Reading Reading :reading:
Smile Smile :) :-) (:
Suprised Suprised :surprised3:
Sweet Sweet :sweet:
Wink Wink ;)
Frown Frown :(
Mad Mad :mad: >:( :@
Confused Confused :confused:
Cool Cool :cool: 8-)
Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue :p :P :-p :-P
Big Grin Big Grin :D
Eek! Eek! :eek: :o
Love Love :heart:
Oops! Oops! :oops:
This thread is worthless without pictures This thread is worthless without pictures :thisthreadisworthlesswithoutpictures:
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes :rolleyes:
Er... what? Er... what? o_O O_o o.O O.o
Rocker Rocker :rock:
Bowdown Bowdown :bowdown:
Clap Clap :clap:
ROFL ROFL :ices_rofl:
Chainsaw Chainsaw :chainsaw:
Cry Cry :cry:
Laugh Laugh :laugh:
Dizzy Dizzy :dizzy:
Give Beer Give Beer :givebeer:
Butt Kick Butt Kick :buttkick:
Blob FIre Blob FIre :blob2: :blob3:
Topic Sucks Topic Sucks :sucks:
Chop Wood Chop Wood :chop:
Dancing Dancing :dancing:
Happy banana Happy banana :happybanana:
Cheers Cheers :cheers:
Angry Angry :angry:
Crazy Crazy :crazy2:
Cold Cold :cold:
Guitar Guitar :guitar:
Hi Hi :hi:
Dumb Dumb :dumb:
Lol Lol :lol:
Muscle Muscle :muscle:
Popcorn 2 Popcorn 2 :popcorn2:
Laughing Laughing :laughing:
Yes Yes :yes:
Drinking coffee Drinking coffee :drinkingcoffee:
Barbecue Barbecue :barbecue:
Drinking Drinking :drinking:
Having a rest Having a rest :havingarest:
Innocent Innocent :innocent:
Happy Happy :happy:
Bad PC Bad PC :badpc:
Ping Pong Ping Pong :pingpong:
Rock Rock :rock2:
Dumb 2 Dumb 2 :dumb2:
WTF WTF :wtf: