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angelo c
Last Activity:
Nov 9, 2017
Dec 3, 2008
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Jan 2, 1965 (Age: 52)
Peoples Republic of North Jersey
Mobil Medical Ultrasound

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angelo c

Chooch, 52, from Peoples Republic of North Jersey

angelo c was last seen:
Nov 9, 2017
    1. kirun1x9
      visit my web
      doc truyen, truyen sex#,truyen nguoi lon#,truyen cuoi
    2. Sagetown
      Happy Birthday angelo c. :wave::bday:
    3. angelo c
      angelo c
      I cut things up and split them down is ROFLMAO !!
    4. RAMROD48
      No Worries, I was thinking, this time I was being serious, what did I say? lol
    5. RAMROD48
      Negative Rep? For what???
    6. LumberjkChamp
      Thanks for the link. That's exactly what I need -a pizza forum. Bedtime now. I can't wait to check it out tomorrow.
    7. angelo c
      angelo c
      don't let anbody corner you into thinking what you make isn't the best. If the family looks forward to it then its the best. I made some pretty good pies in a outdoor grill, on a stove and almost anywhere there is heat. Keep messin' around and you'll find some really interesting cooking ideas. check this site out Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community - The Pizza Oven Installation and Cooking Community
    8. LumberjkChamp
      25 years in the pizza business is impressive. I am no pro. but I am obsessed with making pizza (at home for family and friends). It started a few years ago. I realized then, like you say, it is all about obtaining a consistent product. I have gotten my pizza to the point where we all look forward to stuffing ourselves with it come Friday night. I am, however, far from knowing it all. I am always experimenting to see the end result of different techniques, trying different dough recipes, etc.

      I enjoyed your post. Its good to hear from someone else who is serious about the art of crafting a pizza. Thank you.
    9. angelo c
      angelo c
      well then you make sure you get yourself over this way soon !!!
    10. AUSSIE1
      I like Tom, he's a genuine bloke. Gotta lotta time for him. If I ever headed over that way, he's one I'd have to catch up with. Others have alot to learn from him.

      Good stuff you blokes can give him a hand! :msp_thumbup:
    11. Mr. Bow Saw
      Mr. Bow Saw
      Thanks for the Rep...
    12. Gologit
      That's true about the SpamCans....most people with a pulse could probably fly one. But...could they fly one well? Some do, some don't.

      I'm more inclined to be impressed by a well flown 172 than a poorly flown macho machine. LOLOLOL....I see a lot of both.
    13. Gologit
      Thanks for the rep. No big deal on the Stearmans...it's what there was to fly. My brothers and I learned to fly from my Dad. He took all the glamour out of flying real quick....LOLOLOL...he said that we were mostly just a bunch of glorified farm equipment operators.
    14. angelo c
      angelo c
      not bad at all. Couple of passes with the blower and its all good. no worries. I miss running the saws though....hows things up in the great white north ?
    15. Manatarms
      Angelo....how did you guys hold up down there with the snow?

    16. angelo c
    17. Fish
      I have one in my e-bay store, look at it, I am going to part it out further tommorrow,
      see if it is what you are looking for, it has the chain brake too.
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    Jan 2, 1965 (Age: 52)
    Peoples Republic of North Jersey
    Mobil Medical Ultrasound
    How did you find ArboristSite.com:
    Linked to from woodnet forum
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    United States
    Dad, husband, coach cratchety ol man

    aircraft, wood,



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