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Bill G
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Jan 30, 2018
Mar 5, 2002
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Bill G

Addicted to ArboristSite, from Illinois

Bill G was last seen:
Jan 30, 2018
    1. smcowboy1974
      Hi Bill, Do you still have the Poulan Pro 505? Interested in it. I'm in the middle of Wisconsin. Could you email me please? smihna@cityofwaupaca.org Thanks and have a great day.
      1. smcowboy1974
        My phone is 715-281-7989
        Feb 16, 2018
    2. John nuzzolo
      John nuzzolo
      Hello Bill my name is John nuzzolo I just recently purchased a fittsburgh chipper with a 4-cylinder Ford motor on it I'm having a little trouble working on it I need some more information I seen you might have a manual.
      My number is 914-804-2826 if you'd like to talk on the phone. Otherwise if you can help me let me know what you want for your trouble I would really appreciate it.
    3. barnboy

      This is Rich Hitchcock. I am outside of Muscatine about 20 miles from you. I am interested in the 2100 Husky parts saw you have. Would I be able to pick it up in Muscatine or at your house to save on shipping? Let me know

    4. LincTex
      Hello Bill! I happily send some money your way if you can send me a copy of your Fitchburg chipper manual. Mine is 9" drum and a 172 cu in Ford industrial engine. My cell number is 2five4-744-4o82 and my email is linctexpilot (at) yah.o0 dott comm
    5. 295 tramp
      295 tramp
      Hi Bill my name is Randy
      would you have the alum front flywheel with usable spline?
      Also I'm looking for the clutch side dog with the mounting hardware.
      And if I'm not pushing my luck I could use the top handle hardware on the clutch side and a muffler stud and nut.
      I'm trying to restore this 07 back to OEM.
      Let me know what you can do.
      Thanks for posting Randy 218-999-9382
    6. Warped5
      Hi Bill - PM box is full.
    7. Keith Goodrich
      Keith Goodrich
      Hello Bill G. I'm restoring a Fitchburg Woodchipper and would love to get a manual for it. Can I purchase a copy of the manual from you? The chipper I bought is powered by a inline 6cyl Ford engine and I believe the Drum is a 9 inch.Any help from you or any one else would be greatly appreciated. I can't find the manufacture date on it yet or should I say make it out.
      There is a serial # on the Funk drive train with on the tag8-30
      Keith Goodrich
    8. J.Walker
      There is some Sally saw sell sheets on e-bay now.
    9. jerryw66
      I live about an hr NE of Mitchell, my mom + dad inlaw are from there. You'll be on I-90, I live about 25 miles north of that road. Are you going to Cabela's? I've got a busy schedule for this weekend, but you can PM me with your schedule and we'll see what happens.
    10. Bill G
      Bill G
      I was just a few miles south of you Sunday on a saw trip. I do not port saws and I will not recomend anyone as everyone makes mistakes and everyone makes winners.

    11. TeamTwisted
      I'm new to the site. I've got a ms460 and a 360 and I would like to have some port work done to one or the other. I'm in Madison, WI. Who would you recommend I call for info?

      Thank you,

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