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Jan 20, 2018 at 7:38 PM
Nov 8, 2006
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Jul 12, 1968 (Age: 49)
Franklin, OH
Senior Programmer Analyst

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Site Contributor, Male, 49, from Franklin, OH

a Jan 13, 2016

blsnelling was last seen:
Jan 20, 2018 at 7:38 PM
    1. stihlboy
    2. blsnelling
    3. blsnelling
    4. Cannuck Jay
      Cannuck Jay

      In response to my abbreviated post below people have suggest your Redmax 3800 you have for sale as a solution to my problem. Can you tell me a little more about the saw? Why are you selling? How is the Redmax product in general? Do you think it would fit my needs? How does it compare to the saws I have listed?

      Thanks, Jay.

      "to clear a large city lot (acre) that has never been looked after and maintenence on a few other properties. I guess I am looking for a good home owner saw that will last the test of time.

      Husqvarna 240e $320
      Jonsered 2238 $300
      Stihl MS211 $340
      Stihl 180C-Be $300
      Shindiawa 285 $290
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    5. wheelman
      Im new to this only modded one saw before. I asked this in a post and never got a reply so here goes. what is a safe squish setting for a 28 wood boss (stock is .032) any input would be greatly appreciated.
    6. Metals406
      Cool... Nothing said is better than a lot of bad. LOL
    7. Metals406
      Brad, did you have any closeup pics of the 064 muffler? Did you get any positive/negative comments on it at the GTG about the mod?
    8. bobbybass65
      where is franklin near cincy. I"m in northeast oh near canton
    9. Metals406
      Hey Brad, that Stihl that you put industrial shrink tube on the handle? Can you give me the source, and cost per foot?

      Thanks bro!
    10. ttamoneypit
      have you modded any dolmar 5100's curious if any more power can be squeezed out of 1 of those
    11. Metals406
      Ahhh... Tis cool... I can wait some more... Barely. LOL ;)
    12. Metals406
      Brad, I hate to nag... Buuuuuuttttttt... Do you have pics or video of the 064 yet!!??? LOL

    13. Metals406
      WOOT! I can't wait to see pics and hear it run! I'm all excited now! LOL
    14. Metals406
      Brad, get your 064 together yet? If you click on "view conversation", I'll be able to see when you reply to this.
    15. blsnelling
      A ported 260 will smoke a stock 346. Of course you port the 346 and.....well, you'll have CAD, lol. Yes, I port the P&C, mod the muffler and return ship the saw for $250. Turn around is usually only a few days.
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    16. Showme
      I'm new here but I've been cutting for 20 yrs or so and I've got a few nice saws. I'm interested in getting a new (barely getting broken in) MS260 ported and muffler modded. After getting my 346XP it seems like it needs it. I didn't even really know that people worked on the motors until I came here. It looks like you charge $250, please correct me if I'm wrong. What's the approx turn around time if I might ask. I realize you have a full time job.

      Thank you,

    17. blsnelling
      All the ports in the cylinder are worked including exhaust, intake, upper and lower ends of the transfers. I also do a lot of work to the piston, and mod the muffler. I do all of the above and return ship the saw for $250.
    18. woodmaster
      How much and what work is involved in a woods port on a newer (only has a few hrs) Stihl 660
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    19. Grapple Man
      Grapple Man
      tested that 029 last nite. definite clutch side seal leak. so if you suggest replacing both seals, that sounds good to me. was wanting to confirm our prior plans about doing the seals and us swapping 359 cylinders. you suggested that you could order the parts, seals, muffler, etc. if that is ok with you that would be great with me. but if it is too much trouble please let me know and i can order. don't want you to feel like i am looking to abuse your seemingly good nature before we meet. ! I doubt it will matter, but the 029 is the pre 46mm piston. it is 45mm. thanks again, and let me know what you think.
    20. blsnelling
      I will no longer associate myself with those guys. I will not be there. I'd love to hang out with friends and race saw, but they're not friends.
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    Jul 12, 1968 (Age: 49)
    Franklin, OH
    Senior Programmer Analyst
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