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Feb 24, 2018 at 4:39 PM
Feb 24, 2007
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Perth, Australia
Retired Scientist !

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No longer addicted to AS, from Perth, Australia

Retired and loving it! Nov 6, 2013

BobL was last seen:
Feb 24, 2018 at 4:39 PM
    1. PatMac
    2. Boon
      Hi Bob, am hoping you can clear something up. I have been reading previous posts for bar oil. In the aux end I use canola in the saw the bar oil. I see you order oil from Tru Blu and in one post you mention they can make the viscosity to your specs and for the same cost of canola, did I understand correct ? Would you have any advice for me. Once again Thanks :) Ben
    3. Arlen Ressler
      Arlen Ressler
      Hi Bob,
      I am going to start chainsaw milling with a Stihl 660 mag. I have heard that you have a temp prob and a tachometer mounted to your chainsaw. Is there anyway you could send me a picture of your setup? I would like to get an idea of what it looks like.

      Thanks For Your Time,
      1. BobL
      2. Arlen Ressler
        Arlen Ressler
        Hey Bob thanks for the link!!
        Feb 23, 2015
    4. rarefish383
      Bob, this is a test to see if my computer is working. I can't post a new thread or reply to other threads. I'm logged in, Joe.
    5. woodenbiker
      Bob I am milling with a stihl 076 mounted on an alaskan III. I am working harder than I think I should. I was wondering if you could give me some hints on how you tune your 076 and how you sharpen your blade. I am also using a 3/8 ripping chain but seem to get more dust than chips and the saw seems to stall more than it should.

      Thanks for any advice
      1. BobL
        Sorry to take so long to get back to you about this.

        RE: 076, I tune as per the manual and then back the H screw off by 300 RPM.

        RE: Chain: are you using progressive raker height setting?
        May 1, 2014
    6. steve easy
      steve easy
      Bob your a clever man. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, wish i had access to guys like you when i started out csm. Only just found arboristsite by accident. Do a book for sure, it would be a seller.
      1. stillsurfing05 likes this.
      2. BobL
        Thanks Steve, I only just saw this. Currently I'm distracted by rebuilding/refurb a bunch of old Wood working machinery for our local Community Men's only shop. Rewiring electric motors and making missing bits and pieces so I haven't been doing much milling. Will get back to it soon.
        Apr 19, 2014
    7. Trever
      Bob hope you are enjoying retirement and all the projects I am sure you have going. I enjoy reading your posts and learning from your ideas. Thank you for your willingness to share.
      1. Marine5068 likes this.
      2. BobL
        Cheers Trever.
        Jan 9, 2014
    8. Boon
      Hi Bob calling past to say thanks for the time and effort you put into your posts, don't think the site would be the same with out your input. Have you written a book yet on milling? If not have you considered doing so, would probably turn out to be international demand and considered the 'Bible' of milling........just a thought.
      1. BobL likes this.
      2. BobL
        Yeah - book is something worth looking at but I think I'll save it when I'm too old for milling I want to get my gear back on track and back to the milling yard.
        Nov 18, 2013
    9. BobL
      Retired and loving it!
    10. BobL
      Thanks for the very kind offer which I would really appreciate but my guess is that postage will probably be a killer so if you don't send it I will understand.
      I found USPS surface mail was slow but reliable and I have never lost anything sent by them
      At our wood working club meet last year someone brought along a piece he was going to make a rifle butt out of and I was drooling over it
      Customs will let it through provided it has no bark or bug holes - it should be labelled as "Specialist Craft wood"
    11. rarefish383
      Bob, I started to post this as a question to you on the milling forum, then thought it may be more of a personal nature, and didn't want to put you on the spot. We were discussing Black Walnut on another thread. Here in MD, they are quite common, and in raw form not of much value. I thought I remembered you saying you would like some. I have a very nice piece about the size of a phone book. Nice chocolate brown. It is the cut off of a furniture grade board. If customs would let me ship it to you, would you make me some kind of handle, tool, knife, what ever, in trade for the rest of the block? I will check my post office in the morning. May not even be possible. I remember you posting some pics of tools and handles you made a couple years back, and have been lusting for one ever since. Thanks for your consideration, and thanks more for all of your contributions to the site, Joe.
    12. WidowMaker1
      mate look on the aussie drible thread i put a link up for a 090g, you might be interested?? its in perth
    13. billstuewe
      Hi Bob, I hope you are doing just fine. Have you had any trouble with your temp gauges? I have just gone through my second one. Must be the dust or the vibration??
    14. David (saltas)
      David (saltas)

      You can buy those hemostats (scissor clamps) from jaycar for under $9 ea I have included a link :)

      Scissor Clamps (Haemostats) - Jaycar Electronics
    15. markvanzee
      hey Bob, i noticed that you measure the temperature of your chainsaw while milling.
      i also found a device that can measure the temperature, but i'd like to know, where do you measure the temperature? do you measure the cylinder temperature or the exhaust? and what are safe temperatures for milling? thanks in advance
    16. diesel&coffee
      G day there

      couple questions on your bill mill "smile"!!!

      how high/wide are the alum angle cross pieces?? ie: L shape??
      how wide are your tracks?? not how long!
      The pvc piece in the 38mm tubes?? does the pvc have a cut down one side?? How does the cam clamp down on the inside alum tube
      with the pvc in the way?? ie: pressure - if the pvc was slit then it could "fold over/in"
      where did u get the cams??
      did u put a temp gauge on it?? Would love to see a picture?? Hell what temp range??
      Did u keep the 12mm thick plate bolted to the powerhead - or did u make a thinner one?? Just wondering??

      all the best
      Charles - Texas
    17. john taliaferro
      john taliaferro
      hey bob has anyone found the sign post stuff you made your bilmill from in the us or do i have to go their to get it ,would be a long trip
    18. splitpost
      thanks bob ,thought it was me or something
    19. splitpost
      morning bob,can u tell me if its me ,but every time the member "Fang" posts that thread is buggered up,having trouble here:(
    20. oxbow

      after reading some of your posts and seeing some of your work, I really appreciate the kind words and rep!
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    Perth, Australia
    Retired Scientist !
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    Amateur woodworker for 50 years.

    Metal work, Wood work tool making, milling and Photography.