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Feb 24, 2018 at 4:31 PM
Nov 29, 2010
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Addicted to ArboristSite, from Wisconsin

That dog is named Yatt. (pronounced Wyatt) Yatt is a Deutsch Drahthaar and he is my pal, sleeps on the bed and is a good companion. Dec 25, 2013

c5rulz was last seen:
Feb 24, 2018 at 4:31 PM
    1. downunderyank
      Not sure if this will get to Yatt's owner or not but if so, my name is daniel and I'd really love to talk to you about your 028 vs 346 experiences. I'm looking for a new saw and could use some unbiased advice. I'm at danzetah@gmail.com and am right next door in MInnesota. Thanks!
      1. c5rulz
        I sent you a PM.
        Aug 4, 2014
    2. c5rulz
      That dog is named Yatt. (pronounced Wyatt) Yatt is a Deutsch Drahthaar and he is my pal, sleeps on the bed and is a good companion.
    3. griffonks
      Is that a Wirehair pointing Griffon in your avatar? I had one, he died at 16 summer before last. My favorite dog ever.
    4. ancy
      How is the saws, dogs, and so on? Put the HD filter on the Makita and love it so far. The reason I did was because I was seeing dirt in the carb, and the filter was clean. Easy to put on, now just need to figure out my tune, running around 13,000 rpms. BIL gave me a Stihl 010AV and got it running real well and is nice having a lighter saw around. My pup is getting big and starting to get things figured out (who's the boss).
    5. ancy
      Sorry I haven't got back to you but my work email is asnyder@ci.carroll.ia.us but keep it clean I do work for the government. What Deere do you have? I am kind of a Case IH man, just because that is what I own. If I remember right you bought a case for your 6401, how does it fit and which model is it?
    6. c5rulz
      I just saw a post from a guy representing Bailey's stating the 6401's are gone and they do not have the catalytic converter/muffler. That will add another $100 to the price and generate considerable more heat. Was the $399 fleabay saw new? The ones I have seen couldn't beat Bailey's unless they were used.

      Boy did we get slammed with snow, we got 16". The wood cutting will be off for a while now. I may go split up some of the rounds with a mall though.

      If you have an e-mail address, give it to me and I'll send you some of my snowblower on the diesel John Deere.

    7. ancy
      Good thing we bought our saws I see Baileys is sold out and now selling the CAT model. Did find it on eBay for $399 delivered though. Ours don't have the CAT muffler right?
    8. ancy
      Well dumped the mix in the old toyota and started fresh with new mix. I hope the one tank i burned didn't do anything. Going to put it to work this weekend with some ash and mulberry. What chains have you tried? I have only ran the OEM and worked great. Just want to try my new sharpener out and don't need to wreck a real good chain.
    9. c5rulz
      The saw came yesterday night. I put it together and just mixed some fresh gas with synthetic oil. Figures since I have a ton of Stihl regular oil right now.

      I am going to fire it up and run about a tank through it cutting up some rounds in the back yard that I dumped because of inability to split. I have both black walnut and poplar that are at least 30" acrosse.

      Then we are going out this afternoon to cut black walnut tops on an area that was just logged.

      Friday I am going out to drop some trees with a friend of mine who is a timber feller that works dropping trees during forest fires. Pretty interesting guy. Sometimes they helicopter him in to sites, drop him in a swamp with a saw and then he cuts a landing zone to stage the helicopters. (That was in Canada)
    10. ancy
      Did you get your saw yet? I am going to try mine today at the city pile. It is awesome started working for the city a few years ago and now have them dumping all the hardwoods in a pile for me. Now just to get them to cut them into 20" pieces, but then what would I do with my saw. Also how did it fit in that case you bought? Thanks
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    Stihl 028 Super, "The sleeper"
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