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Dec 16, 2017 at 5:06 AM
Feb 17, 2009
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Mar 16, 1954 (Age: 63)
Beautiful Rockbound Coast of Maine

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Tree Freak, 63, from Beautiful Rockbound Coast of Maine

Cantdog was last seen:
Dec 16, 2017 at 5:06 AM
    1. 670champ103
      Cantdog, I have a 670 champ that I purchased new I have been thinking on putting in the meteor 52 mm cylinder and piston. Would you be able to help me out with questions that might pop up? I dont have a reason to believe that there is anything else wrong with the saw but are there other parts that you would change as long as I have it apart? My email is sandress@citizens-tel.net
    2. Rotorcopter
      Cantdog, I have a Jonsered 49SP that my dad purchased new in the early 80's. I'm trying to rebuild it, do you think you could help me with this task? If so could you shoot me an email at jldz140@gmail.com and I'll give you the details. Thanks! Jeff
    3. Sagetown
      Happy Birthday to ya cant.
    4. Nick Edstrom
      Nick Edstrom
      Hi I'm Restoring my old Jonsered 49 SP and I can't find a Vent Valve anywhere. Would you have any from your Jonsered 49 SP parts saws?
    5. Sagetown
      Well; you did break the 60 mark didn't you. And you thought you'd never do it. LoL.
      Happy Birthday Cantdog. Hope all's well, and you have a good day.
    6. Dave630
      Thank you so much, I don't know why this air filter design did not catch on, it does not trap dust like other filters. If you go on seattle.craigslist.org and search for "Jonsered 630" there is a Super for sale .... he's asking $199 but "not sure" if it runs so that tells me it does not... if you can talk him down and figure out shipping might be a nice parts saw if you're looking for another one. I might be due for a new sprocket soon but other than the missing chain brake (dad got pissed everytime he stalled it out so I am guessing that's why it's gone) it's got no mods but still pulls like a sled dog. Thanks again!
    7. Dave630
      Hi there, you have a 630 West Coast? Can you tell me the difference between a West Coast, Super, Etc? Also, have you ever seen one with a K&N re-usable circular air filter like mine? Thanks much!
    8. Sagetown
      Happy Birthday cantdog. :wave::bday:
    9. komg
      I have been reading your build of Jonsereds 49sp and 70E. I bought and old 49sp that I am trying to resurect. It was stored with gas that is now bad and has caused the inside of fuel tank to flake. I saw the gasket making portion of your thread but didnt see the crankcase gasket. I was wondering if you have a template of it or manifold, and if you could email to komg@sbcglobal.net . what would be your prefrence of gasket material. please send return mailing address as I would like to contribute to your Jonsered fund.
      Thanks, komg komg@sbcglobal.net
      Gary Conner
      23910 Forest trail
      Hockley Texas,
    10. Sammydub50
      Been in contact w/ U b4 about my Jonsered 70e. U guided me thru a rebuild w/your knowledge on these saws. I bought the 70e w/ a 28" chain on ebay last yr. After receiving it, had a few problems (trigger was stuck, the wrong gasket from a previous rebuild was put on). Then, made the mistake of paying $40 for a stihl 039 with a busted tank, muffler and pully that had been abused & ran in dirt. It was a mistake bcause after fixing the stihl up & modding the muffler, I really prefer it over the 70e. Its lighter & runs like a scalded dog. I'm a fan of the Jonsered but its just heavy. Now that the Jonsered is tip top (mechanically-has some scratches and could use a chain), what can I expect to sell it for on Ebay? I'd love to get $200-ish but I'll take less. just don't want to lose my rear-end on it. I could always use a reserve but I just want to let it go. Is there a big enought demand for the 70e? I'll just keep it for the bragging rights rather than lose money. Thx
    11. cheeves
      No I didn't! Who did she marry? He's one lucky guy! I hope she's happy! She certainly deserves it! One incredible woman! Thanks! How yah doin' by the way? Bobby C.
    12. WoodChuck'r

      I'm up in Ogunquit right now but man oh man it's been a busy week. We're leaving on Friday morning already - holy cow this week went by fast.

      We have some small plans for tomorrow but maybe we'll get a chance to get together. If not I'll hafta see about staying an extra day or two during the weekend of the GTG.

      I'll keep ya posted!
    13. WoodChuck'r
      Hey Robin!!

      Just wanted to let ya know I'm gonna be in Ogunquit with my mom and my wife from May 5th - May 11th.

      We'll hafta try and get together if at all possible. I'd love to travel up your way during that week and see the landscape as I hear it's beautiful up your way!!
    14. PB
      Your inbox is full again. ;)
    15. cheeves
      Merry Christmas Cantdog. If you see your cousin wish her one to from the boys from the old Ella C. Travers.
    16. dancan
      Thanks for the rep , I'll have a Keith's in your honor LOL !
    17. J.Walker
      Heading out.
      See ya!
    18. PB
      Clean out your inbox! :cheers:
    19. Mastermind
      Thanks for the rep shot!!!
    20. cowroy
      Thanks for the rep once upon a time!!
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    Mar 16, 1954 (Age: 63)
    Beautiful Rockbound Coast of Maine
    How did you find ArboristSite.com:
    Home Country:
    United States
    Stair and cabinet builder- Sawyer, mill owner Jonsered Husky nut

    old motorcycles---old saws collecting and fixing




    61 Husky
    61 Husky/268XP conversion, 670 Jred carb conv. Ported, Squish set. MM. There; That's Better!!
    Lil' Jon
    630 Supah
    630 West Coast
    80 Jonsereds
    70E Jonsereds Mostly new
    601 Jonsereds
    621 Jonsereds (three)
    52E (two)
    49sp (NINE)
    1-52 Mac
    Mono 47
    SXLAO Homelite (four)
    Lombard lil' Lightening Super

    Many Jred 49sp parts saws!!!