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  1. Please see this post Click Here Please ask questions if you have them!! I hope this is going to be great for us all.
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Nov 20, 2017 at 7:35 PM
Feb 21, 2009
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Junior Member, from Indiana

chainsawlady was last seen:
Nov 20, 2017 at 7:35 PM
    1. hanniedog
      Would you have a bar with Big Red painted on it?
    2. Thomas Venditto
      Thomas Venditto
      Hey Joyce,
      Tom V here. You sent me an XL12 clutch and sprocket last week. Thanks! It's all good. Today I'm looking for the 5/16" to 3/8" bar S shaped adapters. I'll take 3 if got em. You can mail 'em right out if you still have my addy. I'll paypal you. Regards, TomJV
    3. Tom Erwin
      Tom Erwin
      might you have points and condenser for a xl 921?...thanks Tom
    4. Mr Goodwrench
      Mr Goodwrench
      Hello Joyce still looking for a automatic oiler assembly for a super ez, have one laying around? you can call me at 217-556-1129
    5. alexcagle
      I was told you might be the one to ask about maybe having info on application & part numbers for herr, sabre, or GB sprockets?
      I've got an old Mono80 that I'm trying to find something smaller than the 7/16" chain that's on it. .404 or 3/8"
      I appreciate any help. Thanks, Alex
    6. William Dunn
      William Dunn
      Hi, my father-in-law gave me a homelite xl. He has rebuilt the carb and cant get it to run. It will start and die. My father had one when i was growing up on the farm and it was a great little saw for trimming fence rows. I would like to get it running but am out of ideas
    7. kuhndog
      Hi Joyce.Looking for a recoil spring for Super XL Auto Ser # 42402443,also would you have a used HDC-4 carb for a Super Ez .Just want to try a different one.Thanks David Kuhn
    8. Steve Fitzpatrick
      Steve Fitzpatrick
      Regarding a replacement bar/chain for my 150:
      What is your price for each and shipping. I live in Lowell, so pickup might be an option.
      e-mail: safetyguy850@yahoo.com
    9. kuhndog
      Hi Joyce.Looking for a decompression valve for a Super Ez Ser#32390213,let me know.Thanks David Kuhn
    10. LakeRat1
      Hi Chainsawlady, I was referred to you by GASoline71, I am in need of some parts for Homelit Super XL Auto Ser.# 5114174
      My biggest need is a Fuel Line & Fuel Filter, I could as use a replacement Air Filter, Thank You for any help you can give me
    11. hans53
      I was referred to you. I'm looking for an air filter for a homelite model 6 22. They thought you might have a direction to send me. Thanks in advance.
    12. superstevek1
      Hello need some different parts can I call you with them? thanks Steve
    13. Adirondackstihl
      Hello Joyce, Eccentric sent me to you. Im looking for a base gasket for a SXL. The one with the slanted intake. Any chance you could help?
    14. dt6266
      hello chainsawlady im hoping you can help me out. im looking for a cylinder gasket for a homelite 925. the part # is 637781. if so please let me know price and how i can purchace one from you. thank you
      1. chainsawlady likes this.
    15. NCDiesel
      Hey - Just a heads up - sent you a PM on some parts I need.
    16. Mr Goodwrench
      Mr Goodwrench
      Happen to have an oiler assembly for a super ez?
    17. NCDiesel
      I was hoping you might have a part I need. I need the intake hose (the hose that goes between the air cleaner and carb) for a Clinton D55 chainsaw. Sorry - I could could not find a part number. Thanks in advance(sent you a PM too - not sure which method is best for you)
    18. hotshot
      Are the old Homelite gas cap type primer bulbs still available?

      What is the price & shipping on one?
    19. outbackjak
      Chain Saw Lady: I have a xl 12 early model with the wick fuel filter, do you know where I can find another one ? Or a different type to do the job. I have a sxlao and it is running great. also have a ton of parts for the super, just want to get this 12 running right,it has a fuel starvation problem and I have rebuilt the carb and i believe the filter is clogged. Thank you
    20. Sagetown
      Good to see ya online chainsawlady. :)
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    Retired lady chain saw mechanic on Homelites for over 50 years. Have a good selection of parts accumulated thru the years. Hoping to get them to people wanting them before they are destroyed.

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