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  1. Please see this post Click Here Please ask questions if you have them!! I hope this is going to be great for us all.
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May 1, 2017
Mar 28, 2005
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SE Louisiana
Retired Offshore Oil Industry

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ArboristSite Guru, from SE Louisiana

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May 1, 2017
    1. Damon
      Hey thanks for the rep i just sortof rediscovered arboristsite if you will after a few years of inactivity :) i have really only been actively parusing the forums for the last couple weeks
    2. Wood Doctor
      Wood Doctor
      Sorry it too so long to respond. Big rounds take brute strength to work with, but they are worth the effort.
    3. 056 kid
      056 kid
      Practice, that is the best.
      you will find that different woods at different times of the year act differently. Its really not possible to explain via text how to effectively fall timber. A veru basic but most important thing to learn how to do is gun your lay baised on the way you point your hinge along with the lean of the tree. Practice making horizontal cuts with the starter cover pointing up. Look along that black line, thatl show oyu where your tree is gonna go. after making a good shot, do the second face cut. keep at it until you have the 2 cuts meeting on a point. then cut the back of the tree so there even amounts of holding wood on each side of the tree. bout all I can tell you, besides PRACTICE.
      Dont worry about a tree jumping off the stump, focus on getting that sucker to tilt in the direction you want & getting the hell outa there. that way if the darn tree wants to get ancy, you will be the right dostance to not have to give a chit.
    4. pdqdl
      Thanks for the favorable comments. I was negligent in not really telling folks how to make the cuts.

      If you want to know my "not well known" method of assuring that trees don't jump off the stump and fall the wrong way, just ask. I'll tell.
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    SE Louisiana
    Retired Offshore Oil Industry
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