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  1. Please see this post Click Here Please ask questions if you have them!! I hope this is going to be great for us all.
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Apr 9, 2015
May 16, 2007
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timberfaller and operations

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Addicted to ArboristSite, from WNC

hammerlogging was last seen:
Apr 9, 2015
    1. jmester
      Where in western North Carolina are you talking about for for your timber falling job?
    2. treeslayer2003
      thanks for the rep
    3. Isna
      Thanks for the rep. We specialize in riverbank management, tree removal for local towns and securing hiking trails (removing dangerous trees, brush-cutting)... We sometimes get "real" logging jobs but lack machinery. We compensate with "manpower": 35 employees. We also have a woodworking crew building bridges for hiking trails, small cabins, picnic tables...
    4. logging22
      Thanks for the rep Hammer.
    5. 056 kid
      056 kid
      yea, the mailbox. . . my email is dowt@eou.edu Thanks!
    6. bitzer
      Hammer your mailbox is full!
    7. bitzer
      Hammer! Your inbox is full.
    8. forestryworks
      Sorry bout the phone call ending suddenly. The thing dropped dead. Good talking to ya.
    9. forestryworks
      Thanks for your input, Joe. I'm thinking about putting a pro safety on this little 044 i am rebuilding. maybe keep it a half wrap until i get out of oklahoma - i feel naked without a full wrap though.

      applied for graduation today - one step closer to making real stumps somewhere! I hope.

      BTW, your inbox is full.
    10. Gypo Logger
    11. DangerTree
      Hammerlogging thanks for the rep I hate to see someone get burned!
    12. hammerlogging
      Hey cedarkerf that picture fo your son in law is exxcellent too.
    13. Cedarkerf
      Thanks for the rep grand dad was always my hero
    14. Greystoke
      All is good here...gettin busy! They did not sell arrogant bastard in singles? Too bad...that beer is awesome...a meal, and a beer, all in one!
    15. Greystoke
      How goes it on the east coast pardner?
    16. 056 kid
      056 kid
      I got a job nailed down yesterday, same one I left. So dont feel toooo bad Joe. But still, see what you can do man I wanna cut with ya alittle. This might actually work out better as far as financing the whole WV thing goes. Lemme know where your gonna be so I can just show up one morning. Stay safe Brother.
    17. cuznguido
      Was looking at some of the picturs you've been posting and having flashbacks. My roots are southern WV and those hills and hollers sure do look familiar, being almost straight up and down. And the one with the gasline down the creek :) seen a bunch of those. Gas wells all over that country. Where, if it's okay to ask, are you cutting at in WV ? Just a general area--no specifics.
    18. forestryworks
      yeah, he seemed like a good kid; eager to learn.

      we should mail him a wedge that says "good luck" on it.
      maybe a good ol' K&H?
    19. hammerlogging
      Would've liked to have a chance to cut with him once or twice. I've had my west coast excursions too-- good for him.
    20. forestryworks
      has the east coast been quieter since 056kid left? haha
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