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Jan 23, 2018 at 5:04 PM
Mar 9, 2010
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Mar 25, 1981 (Age: 36)
Halfway between Hedgerow and HEAVYFUEL.
CNC Mill Operator

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Hack with a CNC Mill, 36, from Halfway between Hedgerow and HEAVYFUEL.

Homelite410 was last seen:
Jan 23, 2018 at 5:04 PM
    1. LandSurveyor
      Hey how's it going? I'm new here and saw a thread where you posted different generations of bar vises. Do you still make and sell them? If so as the previous poster I as well am looking for a Timberline compatible vise. Thanks
    2. adventurebob
      Homelite, I'm looking for a vice to use with a timberline.
    3. Sagetown
      Happy Birthday to ya between Hedgerow and HEAVYFUEL.
    4. Sagetown
      good morning Homelite410 : Happy Birthday
    5. silvertabian721
      hey i hear you can make a guide bar adapter for my homelike super 1050 auto….ive been having a hard time finding bars to fit it in the length i want… i hope you can help me out
    6. birddogtg
      I was wondering if you could make an adapter to put a stihl picco bar 3003 000 6313 on a 550 husky. Ted
    7. jfloyd
      i am interested is purchasing one of your vise's. need contact info. floydtreeservice@gmail.com. look forward to hearing from you.
    8. brayhillfarm
      Homelite410 would be interested in a Gen4 vise. Need some contact info. Sent a email to gmail address. You can reach me at brayhillfarm@hotmail.com.
      Mark Cosenza
    9. Real1shepherd
      Beyond the vises you offer, is anyone closer to a square file jig like the old Granberg G-107? My old one is not much longer for this world.:-(
    10. Hoondasooner
      I would like to purchase a Stihl bar adapter for a Dolmar 6400. Do you still have one for sale?
    11. Byrdmando
      Hello Homelite410,

      I would be interested in one of your chain vises...but I need to know how much they cost. Thanks in advance. Byrdmando...Coleman Falls, Va.
    12. jchin
      Hi Mike, I haven't heard from you on the vise. I figured when we had all the problems of AS beening hacked, you lost my information in contacting me. Please reply to me email address: chin@ccri.edu. This way it dosen't fill up PM space here on AS forum. Thanks.

      jchin (jack)
    13. kc4sfe
      Regarding the vise - I could sure use one. I had planned to buy one from you several months back but the money never came together for me.

      Lane Hoskins
    14. Goose IBEW
      Goose IBEW
      That's one sweet wood pile you posted, did you make that? Your user name caught my eye, I thought I was the only one who has an affection for the 410. I guess you obviously like them too. I only one and I use it quite often with a 24" bar. I have seen a few on fleabay and would like to get some more of them at some point. I would love to see what Homelite would have been today if they didn't sell out. Good luck with them piles of wood too.
    15. Philbert
      Love the Rep! Thanks!
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    Mar 25, 1981 (Age: 36)
    Halfway between Hedgerow and HEAVYFUEL.
    CNC Mill Operator
    How did you find ArboristSite.com:
    Friend told me
    Home Country:
    United States
    Im 32 and currently heat with wood.. I have a fleet of Homelites that help me survive the timber...

    Keeping up with my kids and my acreage