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Dec 16, 2017 at 9:24 AM
Oct 4, 2006
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Jul 2, 1959 (Age: 58)
San Diego CA
Demolition Climber

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Tree Freak, 58, from San Diego CA

jomoco was last seen:
Viewing thread, Dec 16, 2017 at 9:24 AM
    1. Johndirt82
      Hey Jomoco, I noticed you are in SD too, Don't see too many folks on here from down around these parts. If there is ever anything you need don't be affraid to ask. I am still in the Navy here, but try and do some firewood business on the side.
      have a good sunday
      Jd wheeler
      Sorry to hear about your wife. I was reading your profile, and came upon this. Wish you and your kids the best.
    3. jomoco
      Thanks Pops, I've still got my three kids, and we're getting through these rough times as a family unit as best we can.

      Best wishes to you and yours,

    4. aokpops
      Hey jomoco . sorry to here about your wife . I can,t imagine what you are going through . good to know your back around .
    5. jomoco
      You still don't get it casey, I never even had a worry about being banned until they made the mistake of making you a moderator.

      The political forum at AS.Com used to be a really cool place to debate politics until you became a moderator and started playing fascist games.

    6. CaseyForrest
      And yet....even after saying all that....I havent banned you.

      Does the fact you think you got banned for saying what you just said...even after you just said it, again, and didnt get banned, make ANY sense to you?

      Youre right however, that is my problem. Dealing with simple minded people is never easy, they cry fascist or censorship because they have no control over themselves.
    7. jomoco
      No casey, it's you that won't admit that bushco was corrupt to the very core before the ever even got into office.

      The fact that I enjoy my American freedom to point this out to you neocon bootlickers over these many years is something you guys can only stop by banning me like the friggin fascists straight out of 1930's era germany.

      If the truth sticks in your craws so badly that it turns you into a fascist enforcement tool that's your problem, not mine.

    8. CaseyForrest
      And yet...you still arent banned. You dont know what a fascist is. You are carrying on with the same, lame, worn out argument. You are far to intellectually lazy and entitlement minded to realize your own actions are the cause of how you get treated.
    9. jomoco
      I'm looking forward to being banned again by the resident fascists here like you casey.

      Any real American patriot would. Do your worst you pathetic little fascist.

    10. CaseyForrest
      jomoco...its an internet forum. If you cant conduct yourself in a reasonable manner, expect to be dealt with.

      Your shallow intellect is showing. You STILL think you got banned because I disagree with you. Explain why you havent been banned, again.

      BTW, I sent you a personal Email expressing my families sorrow for the loss of your wife.
    11. jomoco
      Actually I just lost my wife of 26 years to huntingtons disease.

      But I'm trying to shake it off by taking my rage out on the many neocon bootlickers that still spout their poisoned propaganda here at AS.

      I need somethin to vent my anger and frustrations on, so you'll have to pardon me if I get banned again by the little fascist moderator named casey, a neocon bootlicker of the first order.

      Best regards Metals406,

      Jon Mooring
    12. Metals406
      Where you been? Hope all is okay with you.
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    Jul 2, 1959 (Age: 58)
    San Diego CA
    Demolition Climber
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    on the web
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    United States
    33 year arborist