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Feb 24, 2018 at 5:22 PM
Oct 22, 2006
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Aug 1, 1952 (Age: 65)
sawmill, woodworker

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Addicted to ArboristSite, 65, from minnesota

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Feb 24, 2018 at 5:22 PM
    1. Dusty dingo
      Dusty dingo
      gosh that 420 letter limit is annoying.
      I tried to pull the pump drive wheel off for a better view, but it seems to be stuck on the shaft, pulls out 1/4 " or less, clears the clutch drive gear but
      not much more. Not sure where the excess oil is coming from, are you familiar with these?
    2. Dusty dingo
      Dusty dingo
      P.S> :)
      do you know on the 028's, why there would be a lot of black oily residue in the clutch and brake area?
      Is that a seal on the pump, maybe? I ran an 028av for 30 years, got it new, never had to pull that cover for any issues! (saw was stolen a bit ago).
    3. Dusty dingo
      Dusty dingo
      HI there,
      I like to "map" the region with saw experts for my resources. Would you mind telling me where in Minnesota you reside? Do you run a retail biz there?
      If you rather keep it private, you could email me the info to 4bestway2@gmail.com :)

      I am currently in the rural Bemidji area, have been working out west on Ndak and region, but have some property in Minn.
    4. OBX Koastie
      OBX Koastie
      Steve, I appreciated your commentary with my Dolmar issue. Please see my post in Homeowners regarding my 511ax. Any thoughts on how to get the cutters even without adjusting the stop for each side. Oregon says that "for the price of the unit they can't make it exact." Thanks for your time. Kim
    5. stihl023/5
    6. demc570
      HI STEVE,ECHO MAN,may i ask ? wanting newer echo saw say a cs 400,360t or 341 or? thank you!!! i have 452vl but it just to oil and fuel hugry and heavier,i use just my ms361 now.can buy another 361 from my uncle like new for around 300.00 which price of most echos i mentioned,any help please
    7. Brabman7
      Hi, I am new to the forum, but was referred to you for being an Echo expert. I have a CS 680 which I love and am looking for real felling spikes for it. Do you know of any spikes that fit this saw?

    8. motobike

      I talked to you before , mostly on Echo saws.

      I have a question; and maybe you would like to respond.

      I am lucky enough to have a new CS-530,18 inch bar in the box, well never in wood. It was serviced and setup; but never sawed.
      I just learned that I will have a new CS-450, 18 inch bar.

      If I were to keep one: But first: I am a retired and now have a small farm to keep me busy; basiclly doing timber land management and ocaasional thinning out. No fire wood cutting.

      If I were to keep one of the above saws; what would be my better choice? I also have about 6 Cs-345-CS-346's; and a few Homelite 150's, so the new saw would not be the only one. Just trying to pick between the 530 and 450.

      I'm going to post in the forum too but will not add all the added info.

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    Aug 1, 1952 (Age: 65)
    sawmill, woodworker
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    central Mn country boy

    woodworking, sawmill, fishing