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Dec 14, 2014
Mar 6, 2009
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Southern California
writer--motorcycle industry

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ArboristSite Guru, from Southern California

olyeller was last seen:
Dec 14, 2014
    1. CHEVYTOWN13
      I've had my share of chit talk:dizzy:

      Get better. Health is first.
    2. olyeller
      Hey Chebby,

      Haven't been online here much. My tendonitis is still acting up and it really takes the wind out of my chainsaw sails. Hard to thing about cutting wood when I can barely lift a gallon of milk with my right hand. It is getting better, but very slowly. Also, all the bickering here gets to be a drag; I often click off after I run into a couple bouts of name calling. Life is too short to listen to others whine and carry on, no? LOL
    3. CHEVYTOWN13
      Yo Ken!

      Where you be?
    4. CHEVYTOWN13
      I got the Kita in Palmdale. I tried around here, but they were either too banged up, or they didn't have any for sale.

      Sounds good.

      I'll give you a call tomorrow sometime. I'm not sure if I'm heading out or not. Might go pick up some wine up near Solvang. Or maybe head out to Kennedy Meadows.

      Nonetheless, I'll give a call.


    5. olyeller
      I think the HD 6401 is the way for me to go for my next saw, especially since I can tap into your knowledge bank. Which HD did you goto to find your saw? Give me a call; we need to talk or maybe even get together to get some plans dialed.

    6. CHEVYTOWN13
      I actually bought a 7900 cylinder and piston and put it on the Kita that I took to the GTG last year. I bought another Kita from an HD and it's in really good condition. I lucked out. I have it up in the rafters right now, but I'm going to build a pipe for that one (using the modified jug from the GTG 6401) and then turn it into a 7901 also.

      I've blasted before, but never for hunting.

      Monterey! Cool. I thought it was closer. Would you mind if I carpooled with you?

      I'll give you a call this weekend for sure.

      Later Ken.
    7. olyeller
      I didn't know you had a 7901; I've been wanting to see one of those in action. I've been kind of lusting after one of those; thinking about getting a HD rental 6401 and building it into a 7900.

      I think everything will be green enough still to run a piped saw without a spark arrestor; shouldn't be a problem. The ranch is near Monterey just outside of the town of Greenfield. Lots of room, private property, so no hassles, some big oak to cut--a split branch as big as a tree, down for 18 months or so. We have a small hunting cabin, really just an overgrown shed about the size of a 2-car garage but comfy, with bunk beds, lanterns, stoves, etc. No power or running water, but a river right there for washing off.

      Also, lots of rooms for shooting; you do guns and hunting, 'mano? Give me a call this weekend and we'll talk. 805-750-3791 cell.

    8. CHEVYTOWN13
    9. CHEVYTOWN13
      Thanks for the heads up Ken. That sounds like a plan.

      Where abouts is it again? Would be nice to run the 7901. I only have run about 5 tanks.
    10. CHEVYTOWN13
      I was hoping you wood ask one day Ken!

      That would be a cool deal. Just let me know when and I hope my schedule will work out.

      Thanks for asking bro!

    11. CHEVYTOWN13
      Dude, where you been hiding? Acquiring more saws? LOL.
    12. kspakland
      Thanks for the rep!!
    13. CHEVYTOWN13
      Sounds like a plan and should be a stout saw when done. How many cc's is it? 70's?

      I paid the guy 220. Hopefully will make it out after fixing it up and porting it. I'm going to try and sell it here at the trading post.
    14. CHEVYTOWN13
      What saw are you thinking of building a pipe for?
    15. CHEVYTOWN13
      Gotta make the friends thing official:cheers:
    16. olyeller
      That's the 2008 Honda CBR1000RR--great bike. Less weight than a Suzuki GSXR600 (yes, really?) and 1000-class power, excellent handling and steering, fantastic brakes. Very fun!
    17. TRI955
      What kinda bike is that in your avatar?
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    Southern California
    writer--motorcycle industry
    How did you find ArboristSite.com:
    online search
    Home Country:
    United States
    Into motorcycles, guns, hunting

    Shooting, hunting, riding



    Barely used Stihl MS 260 (muff mod)
    Stihl MS 390 (SOLD!)
    Stihl MS 460 (DP cover)
    Dolmar 143 (used, big dude)
    Stihl 034 Super (needed adopting)
    Stihl 044 (a gamble that paid off)
    Stihl 064 BB project--99cc all done!
    Homelite Super 1050 Automatic
    Dead Mac Eager Beaver