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Feb 25, 2018 at 2:08 PM
Dec 23, 2007
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N.S. Canada
self employed contractor

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Lost in Space, from N.S. Canada

Staff Member

Hi Mike Apr 30, 2017

pioneerguy600 was last seen:
Engaged in conversation, Feb 25, 2018 at 2:08 PM
    1. Tony Stulken
      Tony Stulken
      Hi pioneer guy , do you do any porting work ?
      1. pioneerguy600 likes this.
      2. pioneerguy600
        Hi Tony,

        I only port for local professionals. Shipping saws got way too expensive so I stopped shipping about 4 years ago.
        Feb 1, 2018
    2. Duskgard
      Hey, pioneerguy. Thanks for the comment back. I'm in Arizona. Looking to find a home for these pioneer parts. Hate to scrap these relics but not much cutting in AZ. anymore. A couple of these p+c's were new sets; Piston, rings and cylinder The rest still have good chrome or I wouldn't have kept them. If not you then maybe you know someone closer to AZ.
    3. pioneerguy600
    4. Mike317
      Hi. I have a question i let my freind borrow my stihl ms180c and not it wouldn't start. Thought ot was flooded nope. Gave it a tune up still nothing. Then i opened up the muffler and saw that it had some scoring. Can you verify thst the piston is scored and would probably need a rebuild. If so do i rebuild or buy another chainsaw? Photos r below.
      1. pioneerguy600
        Hi Mike
        You need to send me a PM message on the start a conversation venue, click on my site name and a window will pop up with a heading , start a conversation, click on that and you can send me messages and picts. The picts will not work on the profile venue.
        Apr 30, 2017
    5. Duskgard
      Good to find some one is still interested in the old pioneers. I used to work on chainsaws ( like a while ago, 30+ yrs.). Just happened across a few milk crates of pioneer p+c's. I've been tripping over then for years.
      1. pioneerguy600
        There is still a few of us working and playing with the old IEL and Pioneer saws, I grew up with them and had a good relationship with our local Pioneer dealer. Ended up with a pretty good collection of the older saws.
        Apr 14, 2017
    6. Andyveldman
      Hello pioeerguy600. I have a quick question. I have a mcCulloch 1-53 ,was it made by pioneer Corp in Peterborough or los California . Andyv
      1. pioneerguy600
        Mar 30, 2017
    7. skunkinablunt
      hey i was wondering if you can help me price and indentify the year, and also tell me aboout my pioneer partner 450. is it really as rare of a find as i have heard? i cant find anything online about it
    8. backhoelover
      can you send me a pm need mod when you can that is
    9. Audi99
      Hi quick question, should the filter bowl on the Pioneer 600 be completely full of fuel or about the haft way mark?
      1. pioneerguy600
        half full is fine
        Mar 6, 2016
    10. Audi99
      Hi Again - I thought the air filter would be hard to find, thanks
      Would you have a set of points for a Pioneer 600?
      1. pioneerguy600
        Sorry, I don`t sell my Pioneer parts.
        Mar 3, 2016
    11. Audi99
      Hello - I'm searching for an air filter for a 1958 Pioneer 600 part # 426226 is there any to be had?
      1. pioneerguy600
        None of the suppliers of Pioneer parts I have dealt with have them any longer. You might get lucky and find an old Pioneer dealer or shop that repaired old magnesium saws back years ago that might possibly have one leftover. Parts for them are quite scarce.
        Mar 1, 2016
        Audi99 likes this.
    12. Dader
      DADER--Hello Pioneerguy .I have several Homelite XL saws that require fuel and oil DUCK BILL VALVES.Are you aware of anywhere in Canada [preferably NOVA SCOTIA] where i can purchase?
    13. Ray121473
      Can anyone help me I need to know if there are any other saws share the same oil pump as the jonsered 2250 I need the saw tomorrow and the only place that carries jonsered around me is tractor supply and I would have to order it but there are plenty of places to get stihl and husqvarna pouland and echo
    14. FSburt
      Hello I was helping a friend get a poulan pro 455 going yesterday'. Well since this saw is a direct descendant from the pioneer family I was wondering if there are any mods that these saws can use to make them more powerful. Looks like the muffler port is already pretty opened up so how about cylinder port work or base gasket removal? Thanks for your time :)
    15. forddiesel1
      afternoon pioneer guy thought id let you know I finally found the oval air filter for the pioneer 600. I . bought the last one they had, anyway I need some information on a p26. I'm restoring one and have taken all the lines off it and in my great wisdom I forgot to take pictures. And now I cant figure out where they go. a diagram would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance Forddieselman
    16. C SAW 090
      C SAW 090
      I want my account deleted asap. Thanx Good day
    17. Laci
      Hey, I am needing some help finding a primer pump for my grandfathers pioneer 11-30......any suggestions?? I have searched online for days. Any help would be very appreciated.
      1. pioneerguy600
        A working primer pump is scarcer than hen`s teeth, the rubber bits inside them have all turned into black goo by the time I get to see them.
        Mar 20, 2015
      2. Laci
        Any ideas on how to get it running again without the primer pump? Or is it just a loss??
        Mar 20, 2015
    18. Craigwell
      Is that you Claude ?
    19. wendell_white
      Hey I didn't notice you were from Nova Scotia when you were writing on my post earlier I'm just east in Newfoundland ..... I haven't noticed many people from east coast canada on here but any ways thanks for the advice have a merry Christmas .!
      1. pioneerguy600
        There are a handfull of members from the East coast on here, I know most of them, you are welcome to any advice I can come up with. You and yours have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
        Dec 23, 2014
    20. jlahood
      Hello Pioneerguy,
      I have a IEL chainsaw. Mode# HA-0563. I have had this sitting in my garage for years. I cleaned it up a number of years ago. It ran good. It is in good shape. I put in on a shelf and it has been sitting there ever since. Now I want to sell it to someone who collects them. I am wondering how much it would be worth and if you or someone you know would be interested in it? Thanks.
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    self employed contractor
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