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Nov 21, 2017 at 6:13 AM
Oct 29, 2005
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Jul 18, 1956 (Age: 61)
Ulster County NY
Own my own dealership

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ArboristSite.com Sponsor, 61, from Ulster County NY

Not sure if I have it in .050. May still be available with Jonsered graphics if you want. Best thing is to call the store during the day. Dec 9, 2013

spike60 was last seen:
Engaged in conversation, Nov 21, 2017 at 6:13 AM
    1. thumper440
      hello do you have used 2260/2258 crank cases?
    2. Termite
      Can you give me a price on a 562. Thanks Brian
    3. Matt93eg!
      Hello, Brad sent me your way. What would your prices on a 372XP, 576XP, and 390XP? New. Look forward to hearing from you.

    4. Gerald Spears
      Gerald Spears
      Hi, I'm new to the site. I've been looking for a chainsaw and throughout my time researching I've seen about a hundred posts that read "I should have talked to spike60" or "I'm glad I went to spike60." I figured I should at least reach out and see if you had 550xp in stock and the price or at least pick your brain on the 550xp and see if you thought there is a better saw for the money.
    5. Sleepy
      Got a 281 that I may make into a 288 also. If I go ahead with this project, I'll be needing some parts too.
    6. Sleepy
      Can you get part # 502516101? This is the Husqvarna case splitting tool. Also part # 502503008? This is the 281/288 bearing tool.
      If so, please quote prices plus shipping to NC zip 27011. Thanks
    7. Chainganger
      Looking for a 346xpNE non-decomp piston and cylinder kit
      need the new manifold boot and new metal clamp kit
      need 4 top cover screws for older husky 350
      need 4 bolts to hold the bearing cap onto the case bottom

      cost and charge to deliver to St. Paul, MN?
    8. John Lerum
      John Lerum
      hello, im looking for a rear handle and possibly a carb for a 2094...no rush just checking availability...thank you
    9. husky362
      Hi Bob I'm looking for a price on a 372xp p/c shipped to 42001 KY I'm going to have a member port it are these chrome lined or nikasil my concern is chrome flaking after porting
    10. Byrdmando
      Hello Spike. I need a tank vent and vent plug for a 288xp (not sure of the year). Also an air filter and a couple top cover screws. Is that to small an order? Thanks. Byrd Hoskins. Coleman Falls, Va.
    11. NMILLER
      read online you had good prices on Husqvarna 465 ? it would be shipped to 47802. also a 460 as comparison for price.
      thank you
    12. sarge14
      Hey Bob, We've done business in the past on Jonsered parts. I'm a full time tree cutter with a logging outfit and I am looking to upgrade from my current saw Echo 800p. looking at the Jonsered 2188 and wondering if quality has went down on this saw since Jred became a box store brand. Is it still the same as a Husky 390xp? Thanks!
    13. Matthejb
      Hi, Bob. I've been running a Husky 450 (18") for several years. Recently bought a new piece of land and have been clearing it for the past 6 months. Now looking at a 555 (20") or 562xp. Any chance you have a line on a solid used saw, or pricing on new saws to compare. I would need it shipped to CT (06450 or 06231). Any info would be be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.
    14. Maxwelll
      I am looking for a price on a 465 Rancher shipped to 46324.
      Thank you
    15. FSburt
      Hello sir I have a few Husqvarna 254,257, 262 saws in various states of build. I have one 257 that I have been running for past few years and had had the MM. I am thinking of putting together another one and noticed the 254 P&C with the open ports and windowed piston. What type of porting work is usually done to this design other than work on the exhaust and intake ports. Thanks for your time.
    16. cygnus
      Hi Bob. I've been sent your way for a P & C on a 2009 346xp. Let me know what you have and a good way to contact you. Thanks, Nick
    17. b fish
      b fish
      Hello Bob, it's Burl Out in Easten Oregon!!!! I hope you had a Great July 4th. I got all parts! Thanks! Just need 359 Husqvarna Bellows! I thought they were with clamp kit~~~
    18. Frenchbastard
      I'm looking to buy either a 545,555,550xp or 562xp and wanted to get a price. Locally the prices are terrible from our one local dealer and I was directed you way. Thanks in advance. Is there a number I could reach you at also. Or you could on me. Thanks again.
    19. Logger nate
      Logger nate
      Hi, wondering if I could get a price for a dolmar 7910 shipped to Idaho 83611? Thanks
    20. Pheadrus
      My nephew gave me a Husqvarna 351. I'm on disability and was going to buy aftermarket stuff off Ebay due to budget constraints but the members here said to go OEM if I can and to talk to you first. I need an igintion coil, spark plug, chain, and 16" bar for now. I'd also like to do the 346xp upgrade if I can afford it. Can you send me prices for any of the parts you may have.
      Thanks, Steve.
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    Jul 18, 1956 (Age: 61)
    Ulster County NY
    Own my own dealership
    How did you find ArboristSite.com:
    Equipment dealer for 11 years. Husky, Jonsered, Dolmar, Red Max.

    Old Cars, Ice Hockey, Guitars, Allman Bros.!!!


    Husqvarna Jonsered

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