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Swamp Yankee
Last Activity:
Jan 23, 2018 at 4:48 PM
Nov 5, 2007
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Northeastern CT
Retired Project Engineer / Manager Now self employ

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Swamp Yankee

Addicted to ArboristSite, from Northeastern CT

Swamp Yankee was last seen:
Jan 23, 2018 at 4:48 PM
    1. mx7490
      Hey there, do you sell log length wood? If so price? If not do u know someone who does? Text at 860-817-8523.

      Anyone else that sees this and sells log length please text the number above
    2. stihlguy
      Just wanted to say thanks for the help on increasing the pressure on my TW-P1. I was able to adjust it up to 2800# from 2200#, works much better now. Thanks again, stihlguy.
    3. MCW
      Hey thanks for the rep :) Greatly appreciated.
    4. Rounder
      No prob, you are on of the very few people on this site who's posts have any relavance for me! lol - Happy 4th - Sam
    5. mdavlee
      Thanks man. I appreciate the unbiased opinions on them.
    6. mdavlee
      Hey man I'm trying to talk myself into trying a 441 or getting a 576. You've had both so I would like some input. You can hit me up with a pm if you want. Thanks man.
    7. MacLaren
      Yo, I really appreciate that man! Thank you.
    8. Blazin
      Thanks for the rep friend! :cheers:
    9. mikefunaro
      You getting any of that wood cut with this much snow on the ground?
    10. sunfish
      Thanks for the rep!
    11. MCW
      Thanks for the rep mate, appreciated :cheers:
    12. lone wolf
      lone wolf
      Told them how it is but will they listen?
    13. Valkyrie Rider
      Valkyrie Rider
      Nice Meeting you, John! It always amazes me how much I have in common with most at get togethers. We can come from so many backgrounds... but it seems like a lot of our basic interests are very much alike. Was nice talking Fords and other stuff with you!

      Look forward to more CT GTG fun in the future!
    14. avason
      Thanks for the sharpening lesson. Very much appreciated! Hope to see you soon.
    15. MadMax5578
      Hey there neighbor! I'm located up in Canterbury.
    16. BuddhaKat
    17. Wishie22
      Hello SY,
      I asked a very experienced peer as to center rot of the oaks I had cut. He implied that it is usually do to the tree growing in high yields of water (swamp, spring, ponds, brooks etc.). There was a brook near the trees I worked.
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    Northeastern CT
    Retired Project Engineer / Manager Now self employ
    How did you find ArboristSite.com:
    Google search
    Home Country:
    United States
    Been cutting wood for 35+ years. Ran a side firewood business doing over 40 cord a year. Contract day work for several loggers. Hurt back and had to reduce time working in the woods. Still enjoy it just can't go as long.

    Fishing, target shooting, reloading, and my Golden Retreiver


    Husqvarna 268XP (RIP, Born 10/29/88 - Pronounced 7/19/08)
    Stihl MS200T (X 2)
    Stihl MS241CM
    Stihl MS362 Arctic
    Stihl MS461 Arctic
    Stihl MS660
    Timberwolf TW-2HD