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  1. Please see this post Click Here Please ask questions if you have them!! I hope this is going to be great for us all.
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Jul 27, 2014
Jan 21, 2007
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The Nati, Oh Hi, Yo
small business owner, arborist (certified)

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Banned, from The Nati, Oh Hi, Yo

treevet was last seen:
Jul 27, 2014
    1. dbl612
      rope just called you a crusty old fart. congrats, its a status not to be taken lightly. i have been called the same, quite proud of that fact. it takes a while to achieve that status. hope all is well. we are extremely busy with some good work for now. keeping fingers crossed and nose to the grind stone. regards, tom.
    2. dbl612
      rope just called you a crusty old fart. congrats, you have arrived. i have been called an old fart many times, am quite proud of this. its no status that you achieve by accident. regards, tom. hope all is well. we are busy.
    3. treevet
      Hope you are happy with it.

      I have been real happy with mine like I said.
    4. ctkiteboarding
      thanks for the input, i bought the teco monday its at nueco/altec in fort wayne for a "going thru". its w/h is 5 ' taller then the hi- ranger, and its mounted on a isuzu cabover with a short w/b. and insane turning radius. im hoping it will get into all the jobs my inter/hi -ranger did and give me abit more height, i spoke with altec extensively about the unit ,parts availability and future of parts , the rep said he was a teco employee for 20 yrs before the buy out and from what he could tell altec has every intention to support teco for years to come , fingers crossed.
    6. Bigus Termitius
      Bigus Termitius
      Your inbox is full!!

      Not a problem, I'll bring one or the other. I explained to my banker that I would need a cc or mo, but she wanted to hold the note so that I wouldn't have to cancel it to the tune of $150 if I did not purchase. I told her that I would check with you, but that there's not likely going to be a need to cancel the note one way or another as there is another stumper in chicago that I was considering and a couple of dingos. The stumper is the priority as I have access to a loader tractor when I need one, and I think yours will do the trick. I'll buzz you in a couple of days, take care.
    7. prentice110
      whats the width of that toro grinder? and HP? Hows the visability of the stump from the controls?
    8. Blakesmaster
      Thanks for the advice on storm work, Dave. I appreciate it.
    9. prentice110
      GOD IS WATCHING YOU!!!! I never fly dumped. EVER!!!~that was just plain mean
    10. TimberJack_7
      Hey Treevet - looked at your website, looks good. Nice looking equipment too, no matter what some other prima donna is saying on a certain hijacked thread lol. Looks to me like your set up is something to aspire to, especially since it is well maintained, owned by you, and best of all, PAID for. Unlike some other mouthy jackass that rides around on someone else's crane but doesn't know diddly about running a business, I like your style. See you on the forums.

      Mike in Middlefield, Ohio running a 66 Chevy C60, an 80 something woodchuck and 93 f250, but it is all PAID FOR and making me money!
    11. oldirty
      has any of you nonners called the office yet?

      Gayve. you'd be low end out here with your setup. thats a fact. cincinnati is a cesspool regardless of the size of the pond you claim to be a big fish of.

      justine, huh? that was the best you had?
    12. Iron Mike
      Iron Mike
      I love that thread!Thanks
    13. KD57
      Thanks !!
    14. Ljute
      Why did you rep Vandelay?
    15. Art Vandelay
      Art Vandelay
      Thanks for the rep.
    16. Ljute
      Koolness! Thanks for the BAM! back! :D
    17. cjcocn
      Thanks for the rep. :D
    18. Groundman One
      Groundman One
      Thanks for the good cheer! :)
    19. twoden
      My wife and I are excited about the girl! thanks for the rep...
    20. ric5141
      thanks for the rep...
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    The Nati, Oh Hi, Yo
    small business owner, arborist (certified)
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    United States
    arborist since 1971, 2 yr usmc, vietnam, sportsbike rider, avid racquetball player, wife and 4 grown kids

    burning wood, excercise


    be everybody else, yourself is already taken (by you...boring :)
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