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Apr 9, 2004
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April 28
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Central New York
Spent 20 years in the CAD/CAM/CNC world and now ha

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Addicted to ArboristSite, from Central New York

Still 32:1 after all these years Feb 7, 2016

    1. Will the Sawobbyist
      Will the Sawobbyist
      Definitely a fan of your Youtube channel, very informative. I recently recived four 028 Stihls. Have you had any experience with those? If so any build suggestions? I've built a ms260, ms360 & in the middle of a 50 rancher... Any insight would be great. I'm also a programmer / laser operator. Maybe I can assist with tool builds.
      1. weimedog
        Haven't worked on 028's...you going to post a thread or video??
        Mar 27, 2017
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      2. Will the Sawobbyist
        Will the Sawobbyist
        From my observations it appears to be a mini 038. Similar oil pump design clutch ect. I'm not very well equipped to do video. I will try to post a thread. I have one that is just a bottom end. I could send you that one to do a build on *free saw*. Just share your insights / video. FT makes a top end for it. Let me know what you think.
        Mar 28, 2017
    2. tbohn
      Back of page 81 of the ms660 topic you had an eBay link to a 56mm cylinder that you ordeted and liked. Did you ever install it and would you recommend one?
      I'm looking for a 56mm cylinder.

      Thank you
      1. weimedog
        At this point..? No. I don't like the quality of the FT's, and the one that LOOKED right turned out to be a 54mm..:( I was annoyed. Right now I don't like the Hyway either. It was less than impressive. Actually the last good 56mm I got was from Definitive Dave! He had a "good" Farmertec. Might want to ask him if he yet another...
        Feb 26, 2017
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    3. weimedog
      Still 32:1 after all these years
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    4. eriklane
      Hey dog-have a 371XP with no base gasket getting .050+ squish. Wanting to cut the base. Do you know of a way to do this by hand?
      1. weimedog
        Not really. Most of the guys who have a lathe will do that. MasterMind certainly will. He's reasonable. If you are local to CNY there is a way to get that cut too. Actually if you have a torch.... just joking. If you have a flat steel plate with a hole cut to a few thousand's larger than the cylinder flange, you might be able to use abrasives to work it down.
        Dec 1, 2014
    5. [AS] OG
      [AS] OG
      Thanks for the rep Walt!! :cheers:
    6. weimedog
      the 268's arent as popular as either the closed port 266 or 272's. So we should keep our eyes open for those. (Either 266 or 272's...and the 268XP's which are closed ports)
    7. motomedik
      I wanna find one of the larger cyl's fir mine and port it Closed port type
    8. weimedog
      Yea..I like these type of threads and projects...I donated my 268 top end to a fella at work. Put it on a blown up 272. I want another and want to build that 61 I have to 268 specs..(actually you ran that hybrid 272..what did you think?)
    9. motomedik
      Cold this moning!!!
      Thought of you when I saw the 61 thread...
      Just played with mine yest. afternoon
    10. PB
      Welcome to the JCN! Sorry I wasn't able to respond quicker, been out of town. :cheers:
    11. deeker
      Nice looking horses.
    12. Mrs. Jkebxjunke
      Mrs. Jkebxjunke
      Wow Motorcycles and horses, gotta love it!
    13. got6ponies
      we have connemaras!..
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    April 28
    Home Page:
    Central New York
    Spent 20 years in the CAD/CAM/CNC world and now ha
    How did you find ArboristSite.com:
    dirtrider.net forum
    Home Country:
    United States
    Have 266 acers to maintain. Primarily for motorcycles and horses. Have a beautiful wife, six wonderfull kids, 6 horses, and 2 dirtbikes.

    Racing, Restoring, Collecting, Vintage and Italian dirt bikes. Love my horses. Fishing, Hunting, and Woodscraft

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    Current work saws: Husqvarna 562xp HTSS, 372 HTSS, Huztl MS660's HTSS, and Husqvarna 555, 298, 272, 257, 242 Jonsered 2172, 3 920's, 2094 Homelite 540, 925, XL-12

    ( HTSS = Hill Top Saw Shop = YouTube Channel "afleetcommand" )

    "If your a HAMMER, everything looks like a NAIL"
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