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Wood Doctor
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Nov 23, 2017 at 6:34 PM
Jan 10, 2008
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Omaha, Nebraska
Retired Software Developer and Publisher

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Wood Doctor

Edwin, Male, from Omaha, Nebraska

Wood Doctor was last seen:
Nov 23, 2017 at 6:34 PM
    1. Jesusflunky
      Hi Edwin. I see you own a dutchwest. I'm looking to buy an insert and have a few questions on it. Courtneybradley101@gmail.com
    2. J-BENDER
      bender11592@hotmail.com. Thank you it's greatly appreciated.
    3. Wood Doctor
      Wood Doctor
      Hi Sid,

      Here's my pricing strategy for firewood bundles and it works:

      1 Bundle of 8 to 9 split logs of mixed hardwood = $4
      2 Bundles of 8 to 9 split logs of mixed hardwood = $7
      3 Bundles of 8 to 9 split logs of mixed hardwood = $10

      These bundles each weigh 30 to 35 pounds. I wrap them in heavy baling twine and tie a 5" length of garden hose between the two outside wraps for a carrying handle. You can do it with one length of twine. This summer I sold about 400 bundles using only one small restaurant near a campground as an outlet. It's not big business, but it's fabulous exercise and I have no customer complaints. My bundles are bigger and heavier than anything sold elsewhere within 50 miles. I usually make sure that a rather strong woman can carry one of them to the vehicle.

      Sure would love to see you guys again. You served the best cooked food I have ever eaten in my entire life. Keep the faith,

    4. sbhooper
      Hey Ed,
      How's it going? Are you staying busy? I haven't been on here much for awhile. I have been cutting tons of firewood, as they are doing a massive tree removal here by the house on state land. I am thinking about selling some of it this winter. If I remember right, you sell some wood to the stores in bundles-right? How much do you figure it costs you to bundle the wood and what do you charge the stores? I know they sell it like that at some places around here and I may talk to them and see if they need another supply if it looks feasible. What do you use to bundle the wood?

      I guess the guys gave up on having another get-together. That was a lot of fun. I think everyone is just too occupied with other things these days to take time for side lines.
      Take care.

    5. laserman56
      I told ole Arthur to take a hike and sent him Packin
      I had to take up bee keepin to do it but was well worth the little pain, let me know if you would like some more info
      Good Luck
    6. MCW
      Thanks for the rep mate :cheers:
      haahha....cool that my table came to use....I have more pics on my domain....your are welcome to browse through the thumbnails and use whatever you want...
    8. Wood Doctor
      Wood Doctor
      The chainsaw list is part of your signature. It remains a constant. The avatar picture of my truck is done by reducing a picture down to the minimum size allowed and then linking to the picture at Photobucket, the site where I post lots of pictures. At Photobucket, I believe you can shrink any picture as need be, so no other software is required.
    9. des3516pro
      Hello, How did you get to put the picture of your ranger truck when you put a post on this site. Also I see you put a list of your chainsaws on also. I don,t thhink you have to type them in every time you reply to a post do you? Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Denny. (PS, I also have a ranger supercab truck)
    10. Wood Doctor
      Wood Doctor
      Yes, the racks are removable. I am adding a coat of varnish to them today. The racks are made using 3/4" thick x 8" wide ash for the rails and 1-1/2" thick posts that taper at the bottom to drop into the wheel wells. I bolted the posts to the side rails (4, 1/4" bolts per post) and then used a pinned bridle joint so that I could easliy remove the back rail for loading.



      I never remove the posts from the rails. They slide out of the wells as a unit. These racks have never come loose in transit, and they are tall enough to add about 30 cubic foot to a typical load.

    11. SSG Medic
      SSG Medic
      Could you please send me some up-close pictures of your racks on your pickup?? Are they removable??
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    Omaha, Nebraska
    Retired Software Developer and Publisher
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    Recommended at WoodNet
    Boys Town
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    United States
    Been using chainsaws and related equipment for 35 years to cut firewood. Retired college professor and business owner.

    Woodworking, Firewood Collecting, Computer Programming, and Chainsaw Restoring.


    Stihl MS660 Mag, 064, 046 Mag, MS361, 036 AV, MS390, MS290, 028 AV Super, 026 Pro, 024 AV, 015L, 010 AV
    Makita 6401 with BBK, 520i
    Echo CS 670, CS 3900, CS 500 EVL, CS 355T, CS 330T, CS 3400
    McCulloch ProMac 5700, 610, 605, 3516
    Husqvarna 61, 257, 353, 350
    Poulan 4000, xxv, 4218