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Last Activity:
Nov 15, 2017
Nov 23, 2010
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November 4
North Georgia

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Tree Freak, from North Georgia

zogger was last seen:
Nov 15, 2017
    1. GaTrapper
      Hey Zogger, USMC615 said that you were the guy to talk to about maintaining a chainsaw. Yesterday, I purchased a Stihl MS 311 in preparation for the snow and ice we got up here. Any tips and info would be appreciated.
    2. GeeVee
      Hey Zogger, where you at again? Im headed through GA, with my wife, campling at Appling GA, I want to play the Disc Golf Courses at Wildwood park, then maybe to Cherokkee TN for a day/night, our first camp trip 25 years ago, then reluctantly, A overnight In Lake Nottely at her Dads. leaving Sunday, no set plan, but shakin your hand, tipping a brew might be in the cards.

      Gee Vee 386 663 2754
    3. Philbert
      Congrats on (whatever you won)!
    4. Axlerod74
      I was wondering who got that 365............
    5. RAMROD48
      Out of Rep but would love to rep that "ion" post!
    6. Hedgerow
      I'm honored! Thanks Zog..
    7. Michigan Muscle
      Michigan Muscle
      Hey, Zogger - thanks for the friend accept, and all the help on my posting! Have a great weekend, buddy.
    8. Eccentric
      Meant to give you "Homelite Super E-Z" rep........but my big pinky bumped the 'enter' key when pushing 'shift' for a capital "H"......:D
    9. Philbert
      Hey Zogger - clear out your mailbox - have an important PM for you!
    10. LumberjkChamp
      Yeah. I think you summed it up. Waste not want not, use it up, wear it out, make it do, do without. That's my motto. That can be applied to anything. I keep track of my fuel usage and don't do any playing with fuel burning "toys." Looking to cut out the fuel used for hot water heat -that's where an OWB would come into play.

      Striaghtening nails. Yeah, I've done that. Got hundreds of pounds of 'em.

      I wear clothes so long I don't even have to throw them out, they just evetually break down. Ha! I do have clothes though that I wear "out" that present me in a fairly reasonable manner. Needless to say I get made fun of alot.
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    November 4
    North Georgia
    How did you find ArboristSite.com:
    google search, chainsaws
    Home Country:
    United States
    Live and work on a large farm, do a lot of outdoor work, including chainsawing. I mostly cut trees that have fallen on fencelines or threaten to, and recently we had a big storm drop a huge limb on our house, so that got cut up as well.

    Playing with my dogs and cats and chasing the old lady around.