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    Chain adjustment

    Here's some pictures. The bar that says makita is the old. The last picture is the new bar over the old showing the length difference. Also how the mount is identical.
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    Chain adjustment

    I dont think it's chain stretch. I lined up the old oregon bar and the new Oregon bar with the replaceable tip. With all the mounting holes lined up exactly, the new bar is about 3/16 shorter than the old. That's why I'm I'm running out of adjustment. A new chain was like that too.
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    Trimmer throttle

    Not a chainsaw, but I have a Shindaiwa T282. It's about 10 years old and had a couple issues with the carburetor. I put new gaskets and diaphragm in it. It runs great! One thing though, since the rebuild full throttle isnt full throttle on the throttle lever. Not sure why, I didnt unhook the...
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    Chain adjustment

    Yesterday morning I went to my favorite small engine shop. Couldn't go inside with the virus stuff. I love looking around! They took a link out for $2. I bought a new chain since I was there and they took that link out for free. Got trimmer line and files also. I saw the owner walking in and he...
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    Chain adjustment

    Seems like it should be simple but I'm scratching my head since I've never had it happen before. The saw is a Makita 6401 with an Oregon powermatch 20 inch bar. Woodland pro semi chisel chain 72 links. My issue is I'm out of adjustment to tighten up the chain. There is still some slack in the...
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    [B] The Upside[/B] COVID-19

    It's been weird in our town. Bloomington, IN. IU is shut down for the rest of the semester. Bars and restaurants are carryout only. I work for the city doing right of way permits and inspections. We're all still working, thankfully. I'm in town doing inspections for a few hours then working from...
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    Log splitter hydraulic leak

    Thanks, I'll probably just pick up a new nipple at Napa in case that one is cracked. It's split a lot of wood and that's the first issue. I quit when I noticed it leaking. I hate how I have to take all the other hoses off to get to this one.
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    Well I did have work. Thanks corona......

    I'm fortunate that I work in city government. Today our governor issued a stay at home order until April 6th. All city employees are deemed essential to keep things working. We actually had guidance from a city attorney that all public works projects, maintenance, and repair is essentials. I do...
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    Log splitter hydraulic leak

    Good afternoon, yesterday when I was splitting I noticed a steady drip of hydraulic fluid leaking. It's a DHT 22 ton. The leak is at the threaded connection between the control valve and the cylinder. It's on the control side. I've never messed with hydraulics before. First, is there pressure...
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    Scrounging firewood

    One of my old bosses is high school rebuilt/custom built a '68 Camaro. It's a gorgeous car! Dark red with white wide white stripes up the center of it. Aluminum rally wheels. He's retired, but always goes to cruise ins. He's had it at the Super Chevy show in Indy. He's never said what engine it...
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    Scrounging firewood

    Missed a few weeks of reading and finally caught up. Where do I add things? Motorcycles, firewood, rain, more rain, no snow. I used to have a 2007 Yamaha R6 sport bike. Dark gray. Beautiful. I rode it to work and everywhere I didn't need to haul something. My favorite times were the twisty...
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    Have people who hunt your woods?

    I used to hunt a decent amount on our property, but hobbies have changed a bit with family. I used to let an old friend hunt too. I let him hunt it for several years. All he had to do was ask, let me know when, and be legal. Worked great for awhile, then one year he ruined it for himself. He was...
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    String Trimmer Pros Use?

    I have a Shindaiwa T282. I love it! It's bit heavy for running through a yard for weekly trimming, but I do it. It's great for all around use. I use it to trim fence lines a few times a year. It will destroy vegetation on our dam that I trim a couple times a year. It always has the power to make...
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    Maple sap/syrup season

    I keep seeing facebook memories from last year showing all the taps we did. The sap was running out of the trees as I drilled the hole. This year the weather is just too warm and weird down in southern Indiana.
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    Ash to Elm.

    I wonder about the seedlings too. I have lots of young ash trees in our woods now. I've cut almost every ash tree in our woods now. All killed. I love splitting it and burning it. I have a few more to cut this winter, then that will be every one of them. Some have been 6 inch diameter, some over...
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    car dealers AKA rip offs

    I try to do most of my own repairs if I know how. It ends up saving lots of time and money. I'll think about how long it would take to drop the vehicle off somewhere, get a ride, and then get a ride back. Most of the time I can do the repair a lot faster than just getting a vehicle to a shop...
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    ADHD or PAID

    I know if I had to go back to school now there is no way I'd be able to sit still for the whole day. How in the world do they expect kids to do it? The whole school model is broken. Kids need to be kids!! When I was in kindergarten we went for 3 hours, ran around the room pushing trucks...
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    Any millenials still heat with wood?

    I'm 35, been heating with wood since I bought the house from my parents in 2009. It's my grandparents old house. They used to have a wood stove as the only heat source when I was growing up next door. I remember sitting around the stove in the evenings with hot chocolate. Now I have an outdoor...
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    Pioneer vs Viking for firewood buggy

    I can't say what is best for you, but wanted to say something about the Yamaha CVT. I have a 2004 Yamaha Grizzly 660 with the CVT. I've never had an issue. It has over 2000 miles of use just on our property; plowing snow, spraying fence, and pulling trailers of firewood up hills that it really...
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    Scrounging firewood

    If I was on my phone I'd share lots of pictures of some trees from over the weekend. I'll get to that. Since yesterday was Veteran's Day I wanted to say something about it. Saturday evening we all went over to my grandparent's house for dinner. My uncle was there from Washington state. He...