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  1. Whitespider

    I miss

    Bias ply tires :D *
  2. Whitespider

    I miss

    Since I've moved into town I miss not living in town... including the whole cuttin' and burnin' wood thing. *
  3. Whitespider

    Scrounging firewood

    Damn right I do... classics should be correct. I still remember when dad put radials on his '67 Shelby GT 350... I told him it was blasphemy. *
  4. Whitespider

    firewood moisture meter reviews

    I must'a missed the notification. No way I would'a purposely passed on that. *
  5. Whitespider

    Ratio of solid to airspace in stacked firewood cord calculation?

    LOL Yep, I'm currently (and temporarily) a town dweller... I was bored to the point of insanity until I purchased a pontoon early this summer, I spend my time on the river fishing to ease the pain. My wood furnace is in storage, my saw has only been used once in the last year, and dad took the...
  6. Whitespider

    Anyone else fired up their woodstove yet?

    Yes... at least for the winter. I'm dealing with some back/leg pain issues... hoping to get that straightened-out in the next few weeks. *
  7. Whitespider

    Anyone else fired up their woodstove yet?

    I ain't even put a long sleeved shirt on yet. It's been mid to upper 80s all week... supposed to have a slight cooling trend over the next couple days and then back in the 80s by the end of the week. Heck, the A/C is running right now. Either way I won't be burning wood this year... the house...
  8. Whitespider

    Two things

    The weather is sucking here also... but tomorrow looks much better. I've been out of wood for over a month now... and just burned what I had for the shop last weekend. It-is-what-it-is. *
  9. Whitespider

    First time in 10 days

    Just lit the fire for the first time in 10 days. Yesterday I was in a t-shirt... 65°... even the frost has come out'a the driveway. However... temperature is dropping, blizzard moving it... some of the "weather guessers" are saying it could be the worst blizzard in 10 years for this area. We've...
  10. Whitespider

    What saws to bring?

    I've only experience one "barber chair" of any consequence... a big hollow oak. I'll admit it was a stupid rookie mistake way back in-the-day... it was a scary close call I ain't never forgot. *
  11. Whitespider

    haulin wood/killing coyotes

    The boys have been hammering the coyotes around here the last couple weeks. I've got one big one that comes through the yard just about every morning when I'm out on the porch for the morning smoke. He and I give each other a nod before he continues on his way. I just can't bring myself to shoot...
  12. Whitespider

    What saws to bring?

    Decisions... decisions... decisions... Oh... wait... what am I talkin' about... I only have one saw :D *
  13. Whitespider

    Woodstove Efficiency Debate

    Yes... that bill (or the amendment add by Smith) repealed the new EPA regulations on wood stoves. However, the bill (the North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act of 2015) died in the Senate because Obama had promised to veto it. *
  14. Whitespider

    Dang it got COLD

    I really miss my oak... temps have been hovering either side of 0° for the last three days, with some pretty stiff winds, and lookin' for -10° by tomorrow morning. I'm burning a large standing-dead elm I took down a couple weeks ago and some of it's a bit on the damp side... it just ain't...
  15. Whitespider

    Woodstove Efficiency Debate

    I'm gonna' try not to get overly political here... but... I don't believe reversing EPA wood stove regulations will be a huge priority for the Trump Administration. And it wouldn't be as easy as just rescinding them... it would require costly and time consuming court litigation. Those...
  16. Whitespider

    Elm this, and Elm that...

    Not at all... it looks like Siberian Elm... it's just that I'm always a bit hesitant to say for 100% positive based on a picture. *
  17. Whitespider

    Woodstove Efficiency Debate

    No... I'm using all of the available fuel... I'm just using a portion of the available space for fuel. Which is what I've been saying all along... I control the heat output by the loading technique. I could load longer pieces of firewood to a lessor depth... or I can load shorter pieces of...
  18. Whitespider

    Measuring Chimney Draft

    No... no... no.... there is no smoke from one of those highly efficient stoves :D (Don't respond... this was a full-blown trolling unworthy of response, and only self-gratifying to the poster.) *
  19. Whitespider

    Elm this, and Elm that...

    I agree... that is what it "looks" like. *