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    Scrounging firewood

    As is my 066. The bar that's on it now is a 32" .404. You can cut some pretty ugly stuff with Oregon .404 semi chisel chain.
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    Scrounging firewood

    Sounds perfect! Nice when you can help someone who truly appreciates it.
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    Scrounging firewood

    Many of my friend's and i aren't on social media. Personally, i have very few uses for it. I do hear about pretty good deals on FB marketplace from time to time, but i've also heard about enough stupid stuff to still avoid it.
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    What Saw's On The Kitchen Island Today

    I need to put the bar back on my Dolmar 6400/7900 big bore. That's a fun saw to run for the weight.
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    Scrounging firewood

    Good job done. Hopefully it pays working that close to valuable things. I always seem to get the free firewood right next to the house offers. I don't take them up on it.
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    Scrounging firewood

    Coworker went and looked at a house. He asked the lady selling it if it ever had water in the basement, she said no. H went back through her FB photo's and found some with water 3 blocks deep in the basement. Crazy.
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    SOLD!!!! Jonsered 2166 R4 Yes It's For Sale

    Maybe even longer? And make sure he can throw in a .404 rim too.
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    2nd woodstove

    If you had the money, and knowing your current stove will be discontinued from the new emissions regulations, would you buy a second one? I'm thinking as a spare. I can get one about 30% off.
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    New pro 50cc saw options, no auto tune or mtronic

    New chain. Uses it maybe twice a year. I think everyone that has had a saw shop sharpen a chain has the "They really messed this chain up" story. What sucks is when it's a 100+ dl chain. My brother borrowed my 066 with a 36" bar once. He ran into some dirt in the crotch of a maple tree, and...
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    New pro 50cc saw options, no auto tune or mtronic

    A guy I work with puts a new chain on every time he uses his saw. Expensive, sure, but he doesn't use it very often, and it cuts great every time.
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    Most badass 50cc saw

    Unless you just want one, I'm not sure I would buy a saw between 40cc and 60cc. Your 362 will out power even the best 50cc saw, and all 50cc saws will be heavier than your 243. That said, I have 3 50cc Makita's.
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    New pro 50cc saw options, no auto tune or mtronic

    If you didn't, how would you know you got the right one?
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    Dolmar 5105 constant starting issues

    I'm going to have to try this fix. I really like these saws, but their ease of flooding is a royal pain. By the time I get to the 3rd one I should have it down!
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    Dolmar 5105 constant starting issues

    I think this is the post you were looking for. https://www.arboristsite.com/community/threads/dolmar-makita-5105-user-experiences.305401/ All 3 of mine are the same way, only pull it once with choke on, or it will be flooded. I like the easy start when warm or if it starts, but hate it when...
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    wanted locomotive boiler to use as wood stove

    https://www.trainspotted.com/photo/602-Union-Pacific-UP-4023-steam-locomotive-4-8-8-4 Maybe the UP will part with this one. How far are you from Omaha?
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    Fully Synthetic 2 Cycle Oil Vs Standard?

    Yeah that stuff.
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    Fully Synthetic 2 Cycle Oil Vs Standard?

    Sweet, a saw bashing and oil thread!:popcorn2: I just like one full of gas with a sharp chain....
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    First Year Heating With Wood Fiasco

    Probably not necessary if you can see light in the crawl space. I've fallen into the same trap, should have been doing repairs instead of cutting wood. I also want to add, sometimes it's years later that your realize, if i had shoved this in a hole and started over, i would have been so much...
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    How good are DT466 engines?

    DT466 is based on the "400" series motor that goes all the way back to the 66 series tractors. Tons of pulling tractors with this style engine in it, some making thousands of horsepower.