• Please be aware that we have recently gotten a wave of users that, when researched, are found to be from Nigeria. They are trying to sell products and asking to be paid through Zelle or Venmo leaving users with no recourse if they don't ship the product. If you suspect this activity please contact admin and we will research their information to verify their location.

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  1. Jon1212

    Want to Sell STIHL MS 362cm

    I believe you, but maybe video from a different angle would show that a little better?
  2. Jon1212

    Want to Sell STIHL MS 362cm

    Nice sounding saw @Fabz
  3. Jon1212

    Want to Sell New Stihl ES Light 32" 3/8 063

    I have one of these available. $155/shipped to the Lower 48 States.
  4. Jon1212

    Want to Sell NIB Husky 288xp, 353, Stihl 660, 070, 381, Echo CS-1201

    I'm confused....what does the Brazilian Real have to do with a saw being purchased from a seller in Malaysia?
  5. Jon1212

    Stihl Suspenders

    Your signature line still makes me laugh....
  6. Jon1212

    Want to Sell Misc. saws and splitters

    Nice saws. That 455 is quite the eye catcher.
  7. Jon1212

    Bad Seller ?

    You may want to post this on the main chainsaw page.
  8. Jon1212

    Husky 460R Question ?

    Find someone with a bigger mill.
  9. Jon1212

    Husky 460R Question ?

    Yes, I do have a couple of the 32" left, but as has been mentioned, it would be detrimental to that innocent saw, to hurt it that way....LOL! Now for less bending when limbing, or knot bumping, a 28" or 32" would be pretty cool on a 60cc Powerhead.
  10. Jon1212

    SOLD!!!! NOS McCulloch Roller nose, and Speed Tip bars.

    Your two bars shipped USPS Priority today. You should have them on Saturday.
  11. Jon1212

    SOLD!!!! NOS McCulloch Roller nose, and Speed Tip bars.

    These are .063 gauge NOS Roller Nose bars. I have one 28" bar available. $120+ shipping, and one 24" bar available $95 +shipping to the Lower 48 States. 28" 404 .063 McCulloch labeled Windsor Speed Tip bar. I have one available $75 +shipping to the Lower 48 States.
  12. Jon1212

    SOLD!!!! Stihl 36 inch bars

    @pioneerguy600 @TonyK can you fellas mark this SOLD.
  13. Jon1212

    5 word thread

    Interview got pushed to tomorrow.
  14. Jon1212

    5 word thread

    Interview tomorrow with Husqvarna Group.
  15. Jon1212

    5 word thread

    Kind of like a Husqvarna?
  16. Jon1212

    5 word thread

    This thread takes weird turns.
  17. Jon1212

    5 word thread

    Midgets are short on humor.
  18. Jon1212

    How to date an old 10-10

    Generally there is a silver serial tag inside the air/carb box. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say '67-'70. @heimannm will have a solid idea.