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  1. Haironyourchest

    Side and back lean

    If you know the tricks, you can make a tree do gravity - defying moves with a hand winch. But... You gotta know the tricks, and the "feel" of what you can get away with only comes through experience. The actual physics and geometry are straightforward enough. There is a guy on YouTube, who ran a...
  2. Haironyourchest

    Some WTF videos

    Trigger warning - much screaming.
  3. Haironyourchest

    Some WTF videos

    Do broken legs count as gore?
  4. Haironyourchest

    Does anyone else "Long Hinge" difficult trees ?

    Yeah I do this sometimes, regular face cut, but with a "wall" for want of a better word. Like, standard diagonal cut into the stem, then vertical down, a few inches depends on the tree, then horizontal back out to complete the face cut. Generally I'll cut the diagonal, then the horizontal, so...
  5. Haironyourchest

    M-Tronic/Autotune & Oil Ratio Change?

    It has oft been stated that changing the oil mix ratio requires re-tuning the saw, as the increase in oil will displace a bit of gasoline and therefore technically lean the air-fule mixture. This I understand. My question is twofold, really: 1. In a manual carb saw, will going from 50:1 to...
  6. Haironyourchest

    liquid gloves??

    Word on the street is it works as a contraceptive...
  7. Haironyourchest

    How did you get into Tree Surgery? (Employment question)

    The "surgery" part is somewhat overrated as a requirement, most of the time. 99% difficult removals, pruning back overhanging branches, topping (!) for light. Learn how to do a proper branch removal so it doesn't skin the tree, proper collar pruning cut and how different species respond to...
  8. Haironyourchest

    My First Time Butchering an Animal

    Is the expression "Mutton dressed as lamb" a thing in America?
  9. Haironyourchest

    What You Should Do If You Get Hurt in the Woods When Alone

    Buckin' Billy-Rae told the story of his accident on one of his videos. It's quite a story.
  10. Haironyourchest

    products you "swear by"

    Speaking of which, I discovered a fun new hobby. I go shopping with wifey and we put on masks in the store and I shout "Boobies!" - just once or twice during our time in the store. No one can tell* whence the expression originated because everyone in the store is wearing a mask. She says they...
  11. Haironyourchest

    products you "swear by"

    The latest generation of polymer "super silicone" sealants (Tec-7, MS-11 etc) are godsends. Victorinox Spirit multitool saves the day regularly. The Honda GX200 motor has stood the test of time. Burt's Bees chapstick is a must-have. Ring-pull tinned food.
  12. Haironyourchest

    My First Time Butchering an Animal

    Did you salt the hide? I've tried it once, salt and alum, on a hare pelt, kind of worked but not as well as I'd hoped. I know people who are good at it and have nice pelts of different animals. My hare pelt was removed very carefully, sock fashion, especically the face, as I wanted it for a hand...
  13. Haironyourchest

    My First Time Butchering an Animal

    Commercial butchers saw through the bone to get their traditional cuts, I prefer to disarticulate at the joints. I believe this is how our ancestors would have done it, it's way more efficient then trying to cut or break bone with stone or bronze tools. Of you're home freezing and not bothered...
  14. Haironyourchest

    Boycotting chineese products

    The full gamut of hand tools are still made in Germany, and second to none. Reasonably priced as well.
  15. Haironyourchest

    My First Time Butchering an Animal

    Good job! It's a pile of work, if you're not skilled and set up for it. Put a few fresh roadkill deer through the freezer, hares, chickens, ducks, pheasants. Lot of effort but worth it for the good meals and keeping the tradition of self sufficiently alive.
  16. Haironyourchest

    Give me an l.e.d. light that does what the box says.

    Lucifer (the light bringer - Hur Hur) has blessed you. I burned up a 190lm 2xAA Fenix a few years ago. Didn't last long at all, but you could feel it getting really hot on the high setting. My other lights are all sub 150 and so far so good. I did a bunch of research on candlepower forum and...
  17. Haironyourchest

    Give me an l.e.d. light that does what the box says.

    Problem with LEDs is they're driving them too hard in the quest for more lumins. 150lm is about as high as you want to go with a small cree emitter, otherwise they burn up.