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  1. Bob Wright

    Sure is quiet in here....do I need to start a fight?

    I am back after being gone for years. I quit my job because it was running my life and now work in my family sawmill 400' from my house as they own the farm i live in. I had 26 Echo's when i moved but now just have 16. My latest saw i just got running an early CS-802 i got from a member here...
  2. Bob Wright

    Echo Chainsaw History 1963-1986

    I bought a new CS-315 in 1977. They were just out then...Bob
  3. Bob Wright

    Echo cs 60 new find exhaust strange......

    Thats the right tag for an older saw. Nice find...Bob
  4. Bob Wright

    Echo cs 60 new find exhaust strange......

    I really don't think its a 1970 model. Look for a Kioritz tag where the sn is. The '70 models didn't say Kioritz. The muffler is on upside down. It should point to the chain side...Bob
  5. Bob Wright

    Dumpster found 041 Stihl with stripped bar stud hole.

    My buddy found this 041 in a dumpster because the front bar hole was stripped and it looked like JB Weld didn't fix it. So he called and asked if i could fix it. No problem bring it over. Tapped the front hole out to 3/8" and made a new bar stud on my trusty SB Lathe from 4140 steel. Didn't make...
  6. Bob Wright

    Echo CS-60S has (had) no spark.

    Been trying to work on this saw for a year and health issues have kept me from it. Feeling a little better so i thought i would tear into it. Hmmm don't think that wire is supposed to be between the coil and the flywheel. Bought a few new coils a year ago but maybe this one will be ok....Bob
  7. Bob Wright

    Echo 60S

    Because someone added it. I have 15 of them all with the flat filter. Never saw one with a round filter...Bob
  8. Bob Wright

    hydraulic oil for bar oil

    I got a few gallons for free a few years back and used it in the winter. It was fine, thin but fine....Bob
  9. Bob Wright

    echo power blend oil

    Echo never did make oil its made by Chevron. I quit buying it when i found out it came from Hugo's plant in SA but now that he is gone :) ...Bob
  10. Bob Wright

    Any Machinist out there that could help me with a chainsaw dyno?

    I posted again at 4:30 am after my 2 am but it didn't show up. Here is a a few things i though of. Use a good grade of tool steel like WH or 1144 Stressproof don't just use any old steel you need some strength where its turned down. Increase the 1/2" turned down to 5/8" for some more strength...
  11. Bob Wright

    Any Machinist out there that could help me with a chainsaw dyno?

    Or just a lathe and use it like a mill. I do it all the time. Here is how i make sure the shaft is on center with the cutter. I put in a center and press the part up against the center with my steel rule pinched in between. If it leans to the right at the top its too low. If it leans to the left...
  12. Bob Wright

    Echo ________ = John Deere ________?

    I have some memory of them...Bob JD 25EV Echo CS-290 JD 28 Echo CS-315 JD 30 Echo CS-302 pre S JD 44V Echo CS-440EVL JD 50V Echo CS-452VL JD 55V Echo CS-500 JD 60V Echo CS-602 JD 70V Echo CS-702 JD 80V Echo CS-750 Found it Post #6 http://www.arboristsite.com/chainsaw/198539.htm
  13. Bob Wright

    Western pa. Get together

    I will try to make it with my fleet of Echo's...Bob
  14. Bob Wright

    when is a BIG saw (100cc) worthwile

    I have a 100cc Echo and most of the time its too big. But when the tree is down and topped like i have 100's of then it makes good sense because i can cut it into firewood lenghts in a few minutes. Esp on the bigger logs it just hogs the wood...Bob
  15. Bob Wright

    If you could have any saw NIB?

    That would be nice but it isn't avail in the US. Only the Echo saw team has them over here...Bob
  16. Bob Wright

    If you could have any saw NIB?

    Echo CS-1001VL since my other dream has been met with my CS-60S that is NIB under my bed...Bob
  17. Bob Wright

    Echo model ID help.

    Just tell me where to send one :). The biggest problem with those small saws is they overheat real bad when its hot out so it will run better ported but won't cut any longer until its hot. I have been running my CS-315 since '77 and its still perfect...Bob
  18. Bob Wright

    Bet your shelf queen can't do this!!

    Sure it could if i had a robot attached to it. I was a robot tech for a while...Bob
  19. Bob Wright

    Nos 900d!

    Real nice...Bob
  20. Bob Wright

    Echo model ID help.

    Yup a CS-302. One of the first light saws from the early 70's. Made until about '79 when the CS-302S took its place. Good saw i have a few of them in Kioritz, Craftsman and JD versions. Some had 25 AP chain and some had the 91S which i switched all of mine over to. Same disp of the CS-315 just...