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    husky 266 xp

    Thanks for the info, saw is just used for firewood. Think I'll try cleaning up the cylinder and see how it runs.
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    husky 266 xp

    A friend of mine gave me a Husqvarna 266 xp that must of been straight gassed. The cylinder I dont think I can save, pretty good groves in it. The rest of the saw looks good. I'm thinking getting an aftermarket cylinder kit for it. What do you guys think ?.
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    new ms 261

    A friend of mine just bought a new one last week, were going tomorrow to cut up some firewood. I have a MS-290 that I have, he was looking to get the 290 but the 261 is lighter with just a tad less HP.
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    Chainsaw chaps: How many use 'em?

    My oldest son bought me a pair and I wear them not as much as I should, the older I get I think I'll be wearing these more though.
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    Partner Chainsaw Thread

    cover Yes its the oil pump cover. The S series has the pump cover the p series does not, different pump locations.
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    Weekly Special!

    Ammo Hello do you still have the 7.62x39.
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    The "tell me about your mom" thread

    I had the best mom you could have, lost her to cancer in 1999, hardest thing I had to go through.
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    NOS never gassed Poulan 655BP........ My Holy Grail

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    Did I get a good deal?

    I just sold mine a few months ago, saw was smooth as silk just not enough power.
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    husqvarna.. anyone else run into this?

    I carry two saws and wedges.
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    Husqvarna 266 xp

    Yes the kit is aftermarket, made in Italy. I already have a partner S-65 with a 24 in B&C on it, doesn't seem to pull that size chain very well, maybe i need a skip chain. all of my other saws are in the 55 cc range so I would like a bigger saw that would cut good in big wood. I would replace...
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    Husqvarna 266 xp

    Thanks for the Info, I might try and acid clean the cylinder and just put in a new piston and rings and see how it runs.
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    Husqvarna 266 xp

    Had a friend give me a 266 xp with a scored piston, looks like the cylinder is scored pretty deep. E-bay has cylinder and piston kits for 169.00, is the saw worth fixing.
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    Didier splitters

    I installed a 6.5 hp Harbour Freight motor on my Didier splitter last year and what a difference in power, alot more than the stock 5 hp had.
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    Dare I say that I cured my snoring problem??

    I lost 53 lbs and my wife 106 lbs no more snoring.
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    Tell me about your neck of the woods

    I live in northern Calif and we see all the seasons hot in summer , cold in the winter. Moved here from LA Calif about 34 years ago I could never go back, I love being in the boonies.
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    What kind of quad/UTV does everyone have?

    I used to have a suzuki eiger and my wife had a 330 trail boss, wish I would of kept them. Now I'm working on a 70 kawasaki 175 F-7 dualsport. Still working out the bugs on it.
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    What is recommended for drying large amounts of firewood?

    I split it right away and let the hot summer do the rest.
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    Cut 3 cords yesterday....no I am dealing with the scourge of Northern California

    I got the worse case of poison oak in my life last year. used some stuff called Ivy Dry and its the best stuff I've ever used, my arms looked like I had chemical burns. This stuff knocked out the itch right away.
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    Partner Chainsaw Thread