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  1. bigbadbob

    Grey market excavators worth it?

    Son has a offshore kobelco about the next size up from what yer looking at. 1000 hours and just a few hoses. Hasnt been babied either .He is in gibsons. Its more than paid for itself. Had it probably 10 yrs
  2. bigbadbob

    "You Suck" Thread 2020"--Pics required!

    Not a saw ,, 50 bux it was listed as not running rite,, stuck throttle cable. Need a fuel valve rubber. Saw was 20
  3. bigbadbob

    Some WTF pics.....

    When @ a Oregon GTG one of those moved into the hoodliner of my truck and had its babies!! When I started the truck from sitting for a few days mom ran off. The babies got stuck between the hood and fender from the wind on the highway,,
  4. bigbadbob

    Husqvarna 154SE tip

    the factory instructions for replacing the starter and lo and behold - there was not supposed to be a knot on this style. Instead, the rope is pulled up through the hole, wrapped around the snout of the pulley and tucked back under itself. Several suggested I augment this with a melted blob on...
  5. bigbadbob

    Should i NOT buy this 346xp?

    I just sold one for $500 in minutes on FB bout a month ago.
  6. bigbadbob

    Any one shot anything yet

    Lil white tail.
  7. bigbadbob

    Some WTF pics.....

    I lived and worked near there bout 1977, Northern Vancouver island. near Port Hardy/port McNeil
  8. bigbadbob

    Should i NOT buy this 346xp?

    Ya can never have too many saws. I toured NL and Labrador 3 years ago. Ya sure dont have many big trees. Ya all talk funny to. But nice folks
  9. bigbadbob

    Should i NOT buy this 346xp?

    If the 346 top end was bought in Canada its almost 300 bux. We never got the 110 bux ones. All them small huskys are good. I have a oem346 and oem353 both massaged a little, prefer the 353. I think here 300-350 cad would get you a small husky here,, there are not a lot of 346 out here, not sure...
  10. bigbadbob

    Some WTF pics.....

    Can we still get these??
  11. bigbadbob

    I found a Unicorn and took it home today

    No a place called Spences Bridge B.C. Google it.
  12. bigbadbob

    I found a Unicorn and took it home today

    My Unicorn, New to me a month ago 2007.5 3500 duramax Z71 with 30k US miles on it.
  13. bigbadbob

    Some WTF pics.....

  14. bigbadbob

    Some WTF pics.....

    I think its closer,,,
  15. bigbadbob

    Some WTF pics.....

    He got some fines for that. Apparently front the strap broke,,
  16. bigbadbob

    Saws That Surprised You

    My 353 with a muff mod and no epa slug bg gone.. Biggest diaapoinment ported 346
  17. bigbadbob

    Some WTF pics.....

    My concretion, from the prairies
  18. bigbadbob

    Husqvarna 254 (xp?)

    Whats the trick to making the starter rope stay attached???
  19. bigbadbob

    Want to buy Homelite HK24 Fuel Tank

    Need a tank,, check yer stash
  20. bigbadbob

    Good Morning check in

    Good Mornin!!!