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    fireplaces/wood burners and insurance (USA)

    I could see that. My biggest thing was he was saying I needed a bunch more work done than what I wanted. All I wanted was a small furnace tied in to my ductwork. When he was talking about all the extra work that turned into the deal breaker. One day soon I still plan on going with that. The...
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    fireplaces/wood burners and insurance (USA)

    He said my ductwork was too small to move enough air to heat my house. He also said that since I don’t have cold air returns the furnace wouldn’t work, because apparently using my open staircase as a cold air return wasn’t good enough and would ‘starve the furnace for air’. Funny, because it’s...
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    moving logs with Goose neck deck over trailer

    Neighbor does it. Unloading isn’t too bad if the logs are straight. Either the 2 of us roll them off with 6’ bars, or we’ll hook a chain to them and pull them off with his little truck.
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    Looking for a good sale on a Drolet Heatmax II or Tundra II

    I got mine at a Menards sale. Just have to watch for the sales. Think it was about $1400, but that was a long time ago. I have the bigger Drolet now, I like it better. Obviously depends on the size of your house, but it puts out a lot more heat and doesn’t use much more wood.
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    fireplaces/wood burners and insurance (USA)

    My last wood stove was an Energy King, basically a Hotblast but slightly better made. It had ‘solid fuel furnace’ written on the serial number tag so that’s what we put on the insurance. Never had an issue with it. It’s my only heat source. Had a HVAC guy over about a year ago that was giving...
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    My take on power log splitters on the market today.

    I tried that one year. 2 reasons I don’t do it anymore are the mess in the yard, and my firewood storage area is on a hill so the wind never quits blowing. Good for drying wood, but bad when it’s 30 degrees and you’re trying to split. Now I hold the log over a pile and cut into the pile. Once I...
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    Need guidance on putting a split second log lift on Supersplit

    I don’t usually mess with the heavy ones. The biggest I cut is probably 20 inches across. My farm was timbered a while ago, but they took all of the good stuff. Big trees are few and far between out here.
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    Need guidance on putting a split second log lift on Supersplit

    With a 100 lb log there’s a 8’ bar that picks it up quite easily. Those 300lb logs can sit on the ground where they belong.
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    New SpeedPro Kinetic Log Splitter from TSC...

    When I had my Speeco I broke teeth off the rack with maybe 2-3 cords split. At that point I took it back for a full refund and bought a SuperSplit. Since you bought it used, the refund isn’t likely an option. At this point, if I had one with a broken rack and no chance of a refund, my only...
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    Craigslist laughs

    My 55 Rancher is less powerful than my 590, by a fairly large margin, but at the same time it's also much older. I have to admit, I didn't want to like Echo. But when I found the 590 for $329 I had to jump on it, and I'm impressed. Fits in nicely with the 55 Rancher, 357XP, and MS362
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    Introducing Brand New Wood Furnace to Market - The Drolet Tundra!

    Well, the new Heatpro is burning, seems good so far. I’m running ductwork right now.
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    Loader for super split

    It works great. That round is about 22” across, and typically as big as I encounter anyways. If I’m doing smaller stuff I use the lift as a staging shelf, can stack a few pieces on there then walk to the other side and split them.
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    Loader for super split

    I put a ‘split second log lift’ on my Supersplit. Works great. The split second website seemed to be down last time I checked, and I’m concerned that they might be either out of business or quickly heading there, so you might want to move quick on getting a log lift if you want one.
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    Motor oil logs?

    I use used motor oil for many things, but burning it in my wood burner is not one. Seems to me that the time and effort spent making one of those oily saw dust contraptions could be spent just cutting clean wood.
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    How far did you walk to school when you were a kid?

    5 miles, uphill both ways. It was actually 4 miles to catch the bus. Either my mom or my grandfather would drive me there.
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    Husqvarna 390XP vs 395XP ...which one is the better saw?

    Look at all of his posts. He changed both bars, said he had 10 chains ready to go, and spent over $2k before he even started a chainsaw. I guess they’re right about a fool and his money are soon parted, or however it goes.
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    Husqvarna 390XP vs 395XP ...which one is the better saw?

    I just realized how old this thread is. OP hasn’t been here in like 6 months.
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    Husqvarna 390XP vs 395XP ...which one is the better saw?

    My favorite saw is still my 021 with a 14” bar. Super light, I can run it all day and never get tired. Anything under 8” or so I grab it every time. It’s also the only saw that goes with me on every cutting trip, no matter the tree size. I can always find an excuse to run it.
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    Husqvarna 390XP vs 395XP ...which one is the better saw?

    I love when I’m on a trail ride with my ‘little’ bikes and someone on a 500 2 smoke or 450 4 stroke shows up. It means I get to take breaks while they fight with their bike.
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    Husqvarna 390XP vs 395XP ...which one is the better saw?

    If it were me, I would look at neither of those saws. New user with a 390, or even 372? And only owns 4 acres? That land will be clear cut before the first spark plug change with a 390. Not to mention the safety factor of giving a new operator more saw than he can handle. I have 200 acres, and...