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  1. nmurph

    SOLD!!!! Stihl 064

    No thanks, I've have a couple of those and am trying to make some room in the shop.
  2. nmurph

    SOLD!!!! Stihl 064

    Nice example of an early 064. These are just a few ounces heavier than an 046 with a noticeable bump in power. I have not cut with this saw, but it cranks, idles, revs, and oils as it should with no hint of an air leak. The AV show no signs of deterioration. There is nothing missing or broken...
  3. nmurph

    SOLD!!!! 288 Parts Lot

    First of all, I will not separate any of these parts. This is an all-or-none proposition bc I do not have time to PM, box, and ship everything and I want the out of the shop. I will give some general descriptions and will get specific with serious offers. There are enough parts to nearly build...
  4. nmurph

    Stihl MS261 cutting out when chain break engaged

    If the is the regular carb saw, add some L (turn it counter-clockwise) and adjust the idle.
  5. nmurph

    Thanks Stihl Sawing

    ..and we now have discussion threads in the Tradin' Post.
  6. nmurph

    Stihl 044 crank seals

    The PTO side has a step in the crank. I use a small strip of a plastic bottle to make ramp. Oil the seal, slip it onto the plastic strip, slip this onto the crank, and slowly slide it down and over the crank step. Once you have the seal past the ramp, gently slip the plastic strip out and finish...
  7. nmurph

    Stihl chains snapped

    I don't see anything wrong with either the chain or the rim. The bar definitely has some burring, but I don't think it's anything that would cause a chain to snap.
  8. nmurph

    Thanks Stihl Sawing

    :laughing::laughing::laughing: Fixed . :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
  9. nmurph

    Best old Stihl homeowner saw?

    He says no plastic. OP, and 031/032 is the newest, no-plastic, 50cc, saw. They belong to the same "family" as the 041, that is to say, heavy, slow, vibrate like a Whacker Packer, and parts are getting scarce, not impossible, but I'm sure the supply is dwindling. OP, if you mean metal...
  10. nmurph

    SOLD!!!! 372xpg

    Since the OP saw has sold, I will drop this in- I have some/most of the G parts for a 372- the FW, switch, stator, carb heating element, loop handle AV (has a grounding tab). What I don't have is the front loop handle with the heating element, and the heating element for the rear handle. Those...
  11. nmurph


    It's running fine bc one ring is sufficient to make compression. As mentioned, it needs a rebuild. I would replace the seals, hoses, pisto, and check the bottom end VERY carefully for damage and shrapnel.
  12. nmurph

    Dolmar 5105 did not start - squirted oil into cylinder

    There's a possibility you've scored another cylinder. I would not run ANY oil at less than 50:1. I'm not sure what Opti oil specs, but there are claims by oils manufacturers that stretch credulity. You need to run 89 octane...more octane doesn't help you. Pull the muffler and have a look, and...
  13. nmurph

    SOLD!!!! OEM 084 muffler

    ...and patience...
  14. nmurph

    need to know quality of forester pin bearings

    Nothing but OEM on these for me.
  15. nmurph

    Got my Closed Port Husqvarna 50 running

    The 5000+ are well known for their high compression. I got mine up to 188 on my Snap-on and quit. I don't think I had it maxed yet from what I've seen others post.
  16. nmurph

    is the efco 156 the same as John deere cs65

    The JD equivalent is the CS56. There was also the Cub Cadet 2156. The CS65 is the 165.
  17. nmurph

    Thanks Stihl Sawing

    Good luck to the midget.
  18. nmurph

    Want to Sell Dolmar 5100S

    Thanks guys. No pics today...went to a girls softball tournament with my son and whiff...
  19. nmurph

    Want to Sell Dolmar 5100S

    Back up top.
  20. nmurph

    Days work with my MS170, now the manual. Career advice please.

    Another alias added to the Iggy list...I suggest the rest of you do so.