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    Scrounging firewood

    I've been waiting for 20 years now or something like that for those genetic scientists to finally clone the woolly mammoths..can you imagine logging with one of them dudes! Whoop! YAA MULE YAAA!!!!
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    Scrounging firewood

    you kids always hotrodding around...well, you lived to show off another day!
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    Some Simple Tools to Teach Chainsaw Safety

    Micro cracks in the case that can leak oil or fuel or air. Those bit me hard cutting up oakzilla, was leaking oil down low and it just blended in with the chips. Caused the chain to heat up rapidly and then cut squirrelly. Just about impossible to see until the case was heated up with a heat gun...
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    Two things

    We had two morning fires last week, might have a couple this week maybe. It gets in the 40s at night, we burn. Having to mow twice a week right now, no fun in the mud. Everything is soggy ground or mud.
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    Firewood Measuring Sticks

    First try, with the oregon battery saw. As a quick marker, great. Remove to cut. Yes, a slight bump and they want to slide. Next test will be something with real felling dawgs so it can nestle in there.
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    Firewood Measuring Sticks

    Smokin! Slick, really slick..I'll try it out soon on one of them "chain" saws...that little bitty magnet is no joke!
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    Runnin' Loads

    Ho hum, another day light suburban craigslist scrounging....
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    Scrounging firewood

    Really nice meeting you man! Had a good time!
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    Pecans Down - Come and Get Your Heating/Cooking Wood

    Triple suckage man....if you could bundle it you might be able to sell it though, big chainstores, supermarkets, etc take bundle wood but you need to be able to provide tractor trailer loads. Georgia is binary when it comes to winds, usually nothing or a little teeny breeze, or ZOMG TIE...
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    I'm now important!

    Small claims court, and get someone else with official cred to offer a notarized statement about the piston casting flaw.
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    Sweet Gum is no joke...

    Just noodle it. Burns OK in a stove once real dry, at least two good summers. Not so good in a fireplace, it spits. I have hand split some but it has to sit for a long time before all the bark falls off and big natural cracks occur, then follow the cracks with a wedge and have a hatchet handy to...
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    Scrounging firewood

    So far, hanging on to the 81 intact, cranks and runs good, but 5th and reverse going out. That's what pushed me to go get another one. I have options, keep it as a pure parts vehicle, use it for a 720 4wd diesel conversion, OR, speaking of Zs, get one and convert it to diesel and get an amazing...
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    Scrounging firewood

    Yo! Bandwith challenged zogger here....been slowly beavering away at the oakzilla remnants and picking up the odd small tree here and there. Tedious / slow, twisty wood and a lot of old rusty metal. Noodling a lot now. Every piece is wedges and sledge or noodling or both, very little clean one...
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    Judging cord amount by log truck load

    Never did it with a semiload, but on smaller trailers and truckloads, I think you can get a rough estimate by working out the cubic foot in whatever rectangular cube you have in the load. Now deduct about 25-30%. That's how it has worked out for me because of airspace and inevitable "uglies"...
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    Scrounging firewood

    "Hand splitting" sweetgum with the zoginator. That's right, use my hands, pick it up when running, then apply the appropriate with the grain splitting action! HAHAHAHA One big round, equaled these "splits" and a wheelbarrow of cluckeraptor containment compound floor covering. Next pic is...
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    Splitting/Chopping Tool Review Thread

    It's certainly turned into a long project! I might have to go scrounge up another one this big when this one is gone. I'm digging on the longer days now, can get out after dinner and do some more serious whackin. Those size rounds, once they are in 4-6 pieces, are all I can handle flipping...
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    Splitting/Chopping Tool Review Thread

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    Scrounging firewood

    As part of my job, I operate two different big diesel commercial kubota mowers, including blowing the private road off of leaves and pine needles. They are so powerful it only takes a few quick passes to completely clear the road, or clear leaves off a yard into the woods. I don't even own a...
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    Cutting/Splitting for a Children's Camp

    Well done! Where are the kids? No teenagers there to help out with axe and maul work? I started in on the remaining oakzilla pile today (maybe 3.5 cord left) hand is still stinging. Dang that's some gnarly stuff.. I think I am going to pop for the isocore pure sledgehammer next, and get...
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    Burning hickory

    Possums do that. They also eat ticks like crazy. I don't mind possums around at all. Although the dogs kill them when they find them. I try to catch them and relocate them if they get attacked by the dogs when I see them. I usually have some living in the barn, they hide in the haybales deep and...