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  1. Adkpk

    Spike's GTG III

    Stopped by turf and timber this morning for some bar oil and saw the remnants of the gtg. Sorry I missed it. Looks like some nice saws showed up. Next time.
  2. Adkpk

    Random pics

    How much for the car?
  3. Adkpk

    Female climbers

    Not sure where that is but I don't think it's in my neighborhood. Good luck, maybe get to meet you at a rec climb sometime.
  4. Adkpk

    Female climbers

    We have a place in Upstate NY. Where are you?
  5. Adkpk

    Record American Elm

    Nice work Floyd. Whitney tree service, seemed to be a hell of a job.
  6. Adkpk

    10 ton city crane

    Not as nice scenery as usual. But as usual nice vid.
  7. Adkpk

    Toyotas in the Woods

    Did it show a picture of the driver?:greenchainsaw:
  8. Adkpk

    New Tribe Nikosi review vid

    Thorough review Nick. Thanks
  9. Adkpk

    Can this tree be saved?

    Just click quote and delete the other lines you wish not to reappear when you click submit reply.
  10. Adkpk

    Re-throwing While In The Tree

    As a throw line or are you saying you mount that (1/4') rope?
  11. Adkpk

    Re-throwing While In The Tree

    I definitely carry a throwbag on my belt at all times. I also have a throw line pouch for use in the tree if need be. It's just debatable whether to go through the trouble to use the throw line or just attach the throw weight to my climbing line and go for a closer branch. Of course I can be...
  12. Adkpk

    Handsaw caution

    I am happy to say I have never seen my own joint fluid. Phew. Use a sling on those branches and keep those hands from leaking anymore joint fluid.
  13. Adkpk

    Pics from yesterday.

    Looks good. Clean, professional and interesting pics.
  14. Adkpk

    Upper Bucks.

    Why move out to the country if you don't like trees. Dan, why did they want all those trees removed? It seems it would just make the yard hotter. Nice house, I love that type of stone house. How old would you say that house is?
  15. Adkpk

    Big White Oak

    Both very nice white oaks. Would love to take my csm to that one on the ground. White oak is the king. Nice job on protecting that one, Chris F. Here's one of my favorites. It's along the NYS Thruway between Newburgh and Harriman, southbound.
  16. Adkpk

    Injured climber rescued in CT

    Cool to hear form the other side.
  17. Adkpk

    If there is no soul,

    Soul is soul. It's part of the dead. Dead is dead. Black, cold, empty, still. You don't go there, ever, cause your dead. When your dead your dead. If you die with no soul it's bad. It's like being lost without a map. Most chances are the memory of you will fade and you won't ever have a...
  18. Adkpk

    If there is no soul,

    Listen, I shouldn't just go reveling things of this nature on the www but what the hell. What makes us different is that our souls are what keep us coming back as whatever.
  19. Adkpk

    Remembering 911

    It's sad when "people" can't get along. Let freedom roll. It's the only way we can win. The intention of the thread is to comfort the survivors of the victims of 911, us. Healing gentlemen, not winning. Show your sorrow not your anger. Tell the your story of that day. I was in shock and...
  20. Adkpk

    Remembering 911

    America has a puncture wound but we still "Roll" better than the rest.