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  1. Bowtie

    Want to buy 036 parts

    What do you want for both?
  2. Bowtie

    Want to buy 036 parts

    Looking for a good piston, wrap handle, carb, and rim drum
  3. Bowtie

    How to clean fire place glass

    Wadded up newspaper dipped in water then fire ash. Best thing in the world, and the ingredients are right there.
  4. Bowtie

    It's getting to that time! Who's lit?!

    Just lit the Earth Stove 100 Series last night for the first real fire. I just installed it in this house. We heated with an old insert in last house for years. This free standimg wood stove does a really good job compared to the insert. Smoked the house up bad for a bit. I was prepared with...
  5. Bowtie

    bar oil walmart

    I see oil threads are still alive and well!
  6. Bowtie

    034 super issues

    Bad crank bearing cages can cause the balls to oblong crankshaft rotation, which destroys seals, and ultimately the engine. If you replace the seal(s), look closely at the bearing cages.
  7. Bowtie

    Swap meet...

    Yes, just north of there. There was a 441 at the dealer used a while back but wasn't an mtronic.
  8. Bowtie

    Good Morning check in

    Good to see this place hasn't changed too much. I been away for a while. Now that its time to cut firewood, I'm back. The saw bug bites again...
  9. Bowtie

    Swap meet...

    I a I actually lucked out last night. Found a used one at the dealer. Thanks for your reply Mark!
  10. Bowtie

    Swap meet...

    Also could use an ms290 air filter cover.
  11. Bowtie

    Swap meet...

    In search of a coil to swap to electronic ignition on a 028 Stihl. I read a 290 coil works?
  12. Bowtie

    Buy the MS 290 or spend the extra money for the more powerful .........

    NMURPH CLEAN OUT YOUR PM INBOX!!!!! pleez Pleez.
  13. Bowtie

    Swap meet...

    Im a looking for a nice 346xpne topend.
  14. Bowtie

    Help: MS 460

    And also cheap enough to replace!
  15. Bowtie

    346XP or MS261?

    Gotta be honest. I have both. I like the 346 a little better, but I really like both saws. Both are stock, just muffler modded.
  16. Bowtie

    Brand New Stihl 460

    Hell yes. One of the best descisions I ever made!
  17. Bowtie

    Why I prefer a 460 over a 660 90% of the time.

    I like my 460. I dont really miss my 044, and it was a damn good running saw. Mastermind done a hell of a good job on that saw. Yup, it runs pretty damn strong. Nite folks! back to my remodel hell!
  18. Bowtie

    Mastermind Meets The Jonsered 2095

    Ya ya ya, I love my daughter too. Lets see that 2095 destroy some innocent wood!!! ( Just kidding about the daughter part ) I love my Samantha!
  19. Bowtie

    Time for a new poll.

    I just thank the Good Lord that I travel alone for my job!!! :msp_scared:
  20. Bowtie

    Time for a new poll.

    i ate a bunch of fried morel mushrooms and drank a bunch of budweiser yesterday. The hour and a half drive today was a horrifying experience. I had a bad case of the M.I.D.S!