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  1. mikewhite85

    Brush Bandit Chip box combo

    where you at in Cali? The bandit dealer in La Verne (Direct Edge I think is the name) has had some in the past but they are not cheap. They are bit of a novelty and not easy to find.
  2. mikewhite85

    Only hazardous removals during Coronavirus?

    Governor Wolf's exemptions now include "services to building and dwellings" and "landscaping." Im still hesitant to do routine stuff or removing otherwise healthy trees but we may be off the hook
  3. mikewhite85

    Only hazardous removals during Coronavirus?

    Thanks, guys. This is all very helpful. The letter from ISA/TCIA is key.
  4. mikewhite85

    Only hazardous removals during Coronavirus?

    Governor Wolf has closed all non essential businesses in PA. His list is somewhat vague. I have some work scheduled for otherwise healthy trees but I'm considering just doing dead trees and hazard type work, which I would consider "essential"... I've got about 80 dead/dying trees to do at a...
  5. mikewhite85

    Chainsaw pants advice

    Hey. I hate chaps and usually neglect wearing them. I thought I'd just buy a few pairs of chainsaw pants on treestuff to try them out for me and my guys but man are they expensive! Questions- Is there a particular brand that's best? How many pairs does one guy need? How often do they need...
  6. mikewhite85

    whadja do today?

    Busy day!
  7. mikewhite85

    whadja do today?

    Removed 28 of 31 ash trees. Left the 3 biggest ones. Don't get to use the quad much.
  8. mikewhite85

    Looking for Slivers (Wood Chipper)

    Ah, I see. The problem with trying to make slivers is that it will be very frustrating and slow trying to chip and will cause a lot of wear and tear on the engine and bearings. I'd just make regular chips and go with it. Alternatively, a relatively inexpensive and better road base option...
  9. mikewhite85

    Looking for Slivers (Wood Chipper)

    My experience in getting slivers is when the chipper is way too dull. I'm curious, what do you need slivers for?
  10. mikewhite85

    whadja do today?

    Ouch. Misjudged my notch so we GRCS'd it back. Put a bit too much tension and it snapped back on my right hand. Somehow the customer got a shot at the exact moment of impact. I felt light-headed and nauseous and needed to take a 5 minute breather.
  11. mikewhite85

    California State Tree Service License

    The book I have is significantly shorter. I'll try to dig it up and see if I can scan it for you. Send me an email- [email protected]
  12. mikewhite85

    getting licensed in California

    I was was licensed California contractor with a C-27, which I used for tree service. I've since moved east. The D class license only requires the business law side. You'll want to check out one of those contractor schools- they prepare you quite well. The one I used cost about 500 bucks...
  13. mikewhite85

    A knotty post

    What makes one knot stronger than the other? Now we know! Science!
  14. mikewhite85

    Is it time?

    What made you decide to finally get out of it?
  15. mikewhite85

    Unknown fungus on Quercus robur

    Weird. Looks almost like a little burl to me.
  16. mikewhite85

    327PT5S pole saw

    I have the same model. Saves a lot of time.
  17. mikewhite85

    Pear Tree Prune

    Yes. Use a pole pruner from within the tree for those reduction cuts. I assume the job is done by now though.
  18. mikewhite85

    Truck, come along, or winch when you need to resort to ropes and pulling?

    Almost forgot- we also use a 25 horse John deer tractor with 3 point skidding winch all the time.
  19. mikewhite85

    Truck, come along, or winch when you need to resort to ropes and pulling?

    I use: Wyeth-Scott Amsteel power puller- very well made and strong but it takes more time to set up and reel back in. I use this the least often. Masadaam rope puller with 3 strand rope. I use this most of the time. Easy and quick to set up and has decent pulling strength. Also the cheapest...