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    PE Summit or BK King?

    Not directly addressing your question, but we just installed a BK Princess insert this summer in our living room and I've started using it over the last three weeks as the temps have dropped. I already have a Quadra-Fire in my basement, and the BK is my first cat stove. I am beyond thrilled...
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    Kidde Fire Extinguisher recall

    We just got one via FedEx as part of the recall tonight. It does come with instructions for sending the old extinguisher back, and asks you to reuse the box that the new one came in to do so. We entered two extinguishers on Kidde's website for the recall but have only got one new one sent to...
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    Scrounging firewood

    Thanks for stopping by @svk! It's always nice to meet good people and it was a real pleasure to spend some time with you. It looks like you had a great time with @zogger after you took off from our place. Thanks again for the deliveries and I hope you had a great trip home!
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    Standing dead black oak

    Nice work! I've done a couple of those where noodling rounds into quarters is required to get pieces down in the 100 pound range to lug to the truck. Great when it's all done, split and stacked but hard work getting there!
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    Scrounging firewood

    Well, I don't have as much scrounging experience as many of youse guys, but this was a new one on me. Spring has sprung down here in Georgia, with afternoon temps in the 80s the last two days and a fair bit of rain sprinkled in here and there, so things are leafing out quickly. Today walking by...
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    SOLD!!!! Husqvarna 61/272 Hybrid

    PM sent
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    Picked up a Lopi Freedom today, have questions

    I have a Quadra Fire Grand Voyageur downstairs and am looking into a Blaze King Princess for upstairs for next winter, so unfortunately I can't help with your specific questions, but wanted to congratulate you on your score!
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    Sweet Gum is no joke...

    We have lots of sweetgum in this area. The pointy leaves are everywhere as are the spiky balls all over the ground. Unfortunately...
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    Scrounging firewood

    I can see two images in the post above, nothing in post 21006.
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    Sweet Gum is no joke...

    Here's another piece from the same scrounge. What do you think it is? If it's not sweet gum I'd appreciate one of you guys posting a picture that is.
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    Sweet Gum is no joke...

    Which pic would 'that pic' be?
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    Sweet Gum is no joke...

    Here's a split from one of my piles, showing the bark and how stringy the wood is. This was split about 6 months ago.
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    this year's firewood project

    Agreed, so much easier to buck off the end while hanging in the air, vs trying to do it on the ground and keep the chain out of the dirt, roll over once one side is done, etc. If there is an "uphill" side where cutting can still be done safely if it breaks away, I'd take every piece I could get...
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    Sweet Gum is no joke...

    From my experience, svk and hedge hog are both on the right track. I got some decent sized sweet gum blocks at a scrounge that the guy already had cut, and from the bark and sawn ends it looked like oak. Once home, the stuff was a stringy mess trying to split with my hydraulic splitter, most...
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    Scrounging firewood

    Impressive video, Dan. I'm always jealous seeing and watching you guys with all this great equipment, while my arsenal consists of a truck, a couple saws and two arms!
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    Scrounging firewood

    Well, with all apologies to @dancan, I think I'm becoming a wood snob. After 20 pickups full of Craigslist scrounge this fall and winter, and watching mold spots crop up on some of my hickory, sweet gum and Bradford pear while everything oak still looks lovely as spring approaches, I think from...
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    KABOOM!! Oh No, My Truck!!!

    Wow, that's bizarre. Glad you're OK.
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    Another score

    Glad you're OK. Hopefully you can get healed up during the rain spell.
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    Scrounging firewood

    Absolutely! But it'd be on me after all those miles you would have traveled. Let me know when you're coming through and if I can help out with your trip in any way.
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    Scrounging firewood

    Well it certainly isn't mine but I gotta say, svk, you sure do get around. But if I lived in northern MN I'm sure I'd be looking for somewhere else to go during the winter, too! Safe travels.