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    Would you loan your woodsplitter to your neighbor?

    when propane prices were up I was spending on average $450 a month for 7 months to heat my house...that qualifies as earning a living in my book. I will not loan out my splitter or saws.
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    How's Your Wood Pile Looking?

    been burning almost 6 weeks now,have not used a single stick that I had cut for this season... been cutting up blown down ash(small non-splitting stuff) to get by. Should have enough of that to get me thru January unless we get to much snow.
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    Looking for semi-load in SE Michigan (Howell)

    There is a guy on Oak Grove south of Allen that gets a truck load every year. They unload it right there on the west side of the road...Might be worth knocking on his door and asking him where he gets it.
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    Uncle's Baby Raffle!!

    I thought I already replied to this thread? BUT nope it was the other one,just a short time ago it seems....
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    Firewooding in the mud and rain!

    lol. I hooked the roller behind the golf cart last night and completely buried the GC. Still a bit wet even for that light thing.
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    mmmmmmmmm cheese curds.... hard to find a better patty melt style burger at a somewhat fast food place. Culvers rocks!
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    Squirrels and Motorcycles...

    where has he been anyway?
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    Natural gas water heater

    You can almost buy a 50 gallon electric water heater for what it would cost you to replace that little blower on top of that.
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    What's your bill ?

    Use to top off a 500 gallon propain tank every month in the winter,now we have a 100 gallon that we get topped every 2 years...
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    converting tracked ATV to hydro drive

    I wondered why Argo (etc) never went to Hydro. I read a article once were they stated they were worried about speed,heat and cost. Very interested to see how this turns out.
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    I refuse to pay $10 per foot for thermopex

    My 1" al/pex buried 4' started melting snow after 5 years. I made a 25' long insulated waterproof box with 2- 3/4 pex pipes in it,I have not noticed any difference between the 2. The box sits above ground and gets strung up in the barn rafters when we are not burning.
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    Who's run out of wood, now scrounging?

    lol...I'm heating with a bed frame right now,been keeping us warm for almost 2 days. I am not out of good wood yet,our old king sized log bed frame was just about shot,so I cut it down to fit the OWB.
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    More problems

    I love threads like this,they make me feel "normal"
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    School closings due to weather

    gubmint posted the speed limits=their fault.
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    The official Who's Drinking With Me Tonight Thread

    I dont drink... still.
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    Truck hoist installation?

    I have seen a few pto pump units at repocast . com Never watched them because I have no use for one.
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    Propane Now Pushing $5/gal?

    propane only runs the stove/oven. I used to test the furnace every fall but have not done that in a few years.
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    Propane Now Pushing $5/gal?

    At the prices I'm reading about,I would be around that $1500 per month number. I dont remember exactly what we were paying per gallon but it averaged out to $450 per month for 6 months. Now we have a 100 gallon tank that we top off every 2 years.
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    Oh C'mon already, enough is enough!

    Guess I had better gas up the 8N :mad: