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    Need arborist license to purchase new husky saw?

    Sounds like the saw Nazi "No saw for you!"
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    Husqvarna 395 quality control and questionable origin

    I also can't see the photos?
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    Amsoil sabor or sthil ultra for hard working saws

    The gas around here is junk, too many problems with running the ethanol gas around here. I've had carburetors get destroyed in just a couple months of setting with the ethanol around here. A few places advertise 100% Ethanol Free gas, and yes that is true I guess, but instead of Ethanol they put...
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    Amsoil sabor or sthil ultra for hard working saws

    I used to use Still Ultra 50:1 and I was a little surprised how much carbon buildup that was on top of the piston on my MS290, it wasn't really bad, but it was more than I thought there should be. A few months ago I got a Gal of the Amsoil Sabor, So far I like it, haven't used much of it. It was...
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    A Dead 291, life lessons and new saw recommendations

    I have a MS290, now it's a Ms390. I kept a eye on eBay for a OEM MS390 piston and cylinder and eventually found one at a good price. I really liked the saw just fine when it was a stock. Then I did the Muffler Mod, then the MS390 piston and cylinder, now I REALLY like the saw!!!! Much more...
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    Self feeding chain!

    Your very fast!!! You got a little bottle of Nitrous or a turbo on that Husky?
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    What Temp do you stop Chain Saw milling?

    Too darn HOT around here to do anything!! I'll probably wit until sept to finish cutting my white oak!
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    Sinclair 100% Ethanol-Free Gas, anyone use it?

    one place close to me I can get 100LL at a fair price. I can drive a hour or so for 87 Non-Ethanol or Methanol for about the same price as 100LL. Or I can get 110 race fuel that's about 6$ a gal close to where I'm cutting. I have used 100LL a lot the past few years, seems to work great. I just...
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    What Temp do you stop Chain Saw milling?

    I opened it up a little, I'm sure it's helps out! one thing I wonder about is fuel. From my understanding from what I have read the higher octane will make the saw run cooler. No ethanol or methanol free fuel around here besides airport. They have 100ll. About a hour away they have 87 octane...
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    CS Milling 101, Hints tips and tricks

    Granberg milling chains what I have learned in the past few weeks. I first got them for my Still MS290/MS390 converted, for a 30" bar. I can say I was impressed how good they worked for this little saw. They cut smooth and I believe the half width cutters made it easier for the saw to go through...
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    What Temp do you stop Chain Saw milling?

    The day that I was cutting slabs and reached 95, I noticed sometime later, my hand guard/chain break release had melted a little in one spot where the exhaust bounces off of one of those tabs on the 3120xp muffler. So with out a doubt that's too hot to be cutting in. I was cutting in the open...
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    What Temp do you stop Chain Saw milling?

    When I use to shoot competition, I was a fair weather shooter. To me it just didn't seem as fun when I physically felt like I was working.
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    What Temp do you stop Chain Saw milling?

    I was milling a few weeks ago, and got started early in the morning, and by noon got up to about 95. I had to quit!! It wasn't good on me, and I was sure it wasn't too good on the saw. What summer temp do you say no to milling?
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    did'ja ever

    What's bad also is working on a unusual gun that you have no schematic for, start taking it apart, then have some part fly off, no idea what it was or or the exact place where it came off. Then it's looking for anything you can find, looking at wear marks, trying to put a puzzle together that...
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    did'ja ever

    This is a everyday thing for me. I know I had it, what did I do with it type thing?
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    Chainsaw mill is finally finished

    I like that!!!
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    Electric Chain Sharpener Opinions....

    I just purchased a Oregon 520-120 and I like it very much. It works great!! The $99 sharpener is pretty much just like to one I have, there might be a few minor differences, but it is a lot like it. The $99 one look like it is adjustable for all the angles you need. It doesn't look like the $59...
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    Sinclair 100% Ethanol-Free Gas, anyone use it?

    I figured it would be just as bad if not worse.
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    Sinclair 100% Ethanol-Free Gas, anyone use it?

    I was looking at Sinclair 100% Ethanol-free gas 91 octane, and looks like it has 10% Methanol in it. Is that any better than Ethanol or is just as bad or worse?
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    New 3120XP received today!!

    I got a chance to use it for a few hours during the last couple days. It is a beast!! Just trying to get a few hours on it before milling. I fell a half rotten tree, and was hacking away at a couple other that had been on the ground for awhile. With the 24" bar on it cutting those small trees I...