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  1. Cirrus Aviator

    going on vacation

    Vacation Trip Fix We went to Florida for 9 days the first week in February 4 day Disney Cruise and then Walt Disney World. This is what I do and it only goes through 30 to 40 gallons of propane. My pump on my OWB runs 24/7 so the water is always circulating. I have my blower wired to a...
  2. Cirrus Aviator

    Johnsered not pumping bar oil

    Did that I did exactly that. One of the bar holes was clogged. I cleaned the bar and the saw. I did also ran the saw without the bar. No oil flow. How does the oil flow? Is it pressure or is there a pump gear? Thanks,
  3. Cirrus Aviator

    Johnsered not pumping bar oil

    I have a Johnsered 2135 and have been cutting a couple cords of wood during these cold temps. I have noticed that the last two tanks of gas the saw has not been pumping bar oil. Is this an easy fix or should I take it in? I couldn't find anything in the manual other than how to adjust it...
  4. Cirrus Aviator

    How screwed am I? Frozen Line?

    No rest for the weary :givebeer: Jaberwky, You need to do something sooner rather than later. The longer you wait in this temperature the bigger the problem. Stay out of Whitey's and thaw your lines this weekend. Good luck
  5. Cirrus Aviator

    Shaver steaming and water level solution...

    OWB..$5000, Chainsaw...$250, Information on this site....Priceless I just wanted to thank everyone for the posts on this site. I am new to OWB heat and am learning a lot. It makes me wish I would have paid more attention in physics class. When we had the last cold spell I thought opening...
  6. Cirrus Aviator

    Shaver Improvement Forum

    Auto shut off for Shaver Here is the diagram, I used (2) two-pole switches, and a N/O adjustable (90 to 150 degrees) thermostat that I got from the local Dey appliance store. Hope this helps. Like I said the big advantage is that I can load the hopper full if I am going out of town and...
  7. Cirrus Aviator

    Shaver Improvement Forum

    The 3-way is the best use. I have one side of the switch powering the yard light on the front of the the boiler. The other side of the switch powers the blower. Way to go Beerman. I have also wired a normally open thermostat in series with my aqua stat. That way if the water temp gets below...